Monday, May 09, 2011

Week 18, Day 2

Today is 9th May 2011. My mom was borned 50 years ago today to Patrick Insol & Cecelia Jeburi. When I grow up and I become a wife and a mother myself, I want to be like my mom. I hope I can age as gracefully as her. She sometimes makes my ears red from the lectures only a mother can deliver, but, I know all that she does, she does it for my greater good. Happy birthday, Mom!

Today being 9th May 2011, also signifies that my wedding day is exactly 2 months away. There was a period of time when I felt sick to my stomach with the thought of things that are yet to be done, so much so that I refuse to hear ANYTHING about wedding planning at night after work. I felt like the last thing we need after a day's work is more talk of wedding work. My significant other knows this and to avoid the blah-ness, we dont talk about wedding when we Skype each night, leaving wedding matters to the morning before going off to work. Works like a charm for both of us.

Everything is falling into place nicely now. Even if some of the things deviated from my original master plan of Wedding Perfection where every single thing is a wowzer and a showstopper, I am resigned to the fact that perfectly orchestrated details, or lack of them would hardly cause a stir on my wedding day. Once I realized I should just do what I can with the limited time and money, I breathe easier.

With 2 months left, we have accomplished a lot, but also have yet to do a lot. Mom and I are going to KL again this weekend, for my first dress fitting. Will update soon with pictures!

Happy Monday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mom and I spent the whole of last Friday at the KL city centre area. In the morning we went to check out the florist recommended by Aunty Judy who can do wholesale. The company's name is Weng Hoa Flowers (go check their website) and it's situated at the Petaling Street area at Jln Hang Lekir. It felt like flower heaven and the prices are so much cheaper than what they sell in Bintulu.

It was really useful to be able to gather inspiration and to see what was available locally. Peonies and hydrangeas are very beautiful, but the problem is that not only peonies are not in season in July, they are expensive and wouldn't last long in our hot weather. As I was looking around Weng Hoa, I initially decided on pink mums cos they were cheap, fluffy, romantic and fitted the image I had in mind. Until I saw the eustomas hybrid that is. I want those! They were so beautiful they made my heart stop. The pictures are with mom so hopefully she'll upload soon. They kinda looked like this:

They only cost about RM38 for 8 stalks. Gorgeous! After that I just mucked about while mom continue to search about for table centrepieces ideas.

About the nitty gritty details, we were informed that they can send to Sarawak either via an associate florist (more expensive, but dont have to worry about legal aspects) or we can get the import permit ourselves and have the flowers freight forwarded. The best is of course if we have people to do pick up before they fly for the wedding. We have until May/June to decide.

Mom and I were both in KL last week to check out bridal boutiques. I have been doing my research via Malaysia Brides forum and after checking various boutiques' portfolios, I have decided to make White & Lacy my preferred boutique for my made to measure wedding dress. The handwork is exquisite and they specialize in lace dresses, and I want a lacy wedding dress, with sleeves since it's a church wedding. In my early internet research, scouring for dress ideas, the image below featured in Style Me Pretty was among the first images that I saw and I LOVED it. What's not to like? Dreamy, romantic. Sigh.

We had an appointment with Paulynn, White & Lacy's designer and owner on Thursday, but just before the appointment, I dragged mom to The Wedding Boutique in The Curve (we were staying at the Royale Bintang Damansara) just to get a few ideas. The girls there were trying to be helpful but they were young, probably teenagers still. I was informed that they have a promotion running where you can rent two dresses for RM 1K. The dresses there felt a bit sad and unloved though.

Then we left for W&L. The area is very unassuming and a bit run down, but at closer look you can see the signboard for the boutique. Going up the stairs I had to smile because the walls were painted lavender (my favourite colour). We went in and met Paulynn and she is amazing with 20+ years of experience under her belt. She sat down to business, took a good look at my body type and started drawing designs. Since she is mostly custom making dresses, she didnt really have a selection of dresses to try on. The figure she quoted us was much higher than my budget (then again, on hindsight I really underestimated my custom made dress budget), but we went for it. My mom also picked out for me the off-white vintage, French lace (I love it too, but much more expensive T.T).

Bottom line, I don't regret going zeroing in on White & Lacy. Even though I didn't get to go to a lot of different boutiques to find The Dress. All in all, it only took us an hour to decide and have my measurements taken. My first fitting is end of April. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week 5, Day 4

1 month has passed since our engagement. 1 down, 6 to go. It's fun planning for the wedding, sure, but what frustrates me to no end is the fact that it's hard to find a selection of wedding vendors in Bintulu. I don't think we're resorting to flying wedding planner/ florist/ events decorator / (insert miscellaneous vendor here) in because that would certainly bust the budget.

Our guest list still needs trimming (headache) but now I'm focusing on reception decoration, hence the picture above courtesy of Dress Your Day. C & I meeting up with the reception venue coordinator next weekend so we have to at least settle on a theme before we have a look at what decoration materials they have in hand. C & I have both agreed that we want a white wedding with infusions of pink. Classic, elegant & romantic (since we're both fairly skema people) but fun for our family and friends.

In the last month there were many times I was anxious to the extent of hysteria, but at the end of the day (after reassurance & pats on the back from dad & C) I realised there's no point stressing over the smallest details. We do what we can. And at the end of the day what truly matters is the fact that we'll be married. :)

Perfect ceiling silk drapes or not.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 14

Repeat after me: We're gearing towards life-long marriage, not merely a one-day wedding.

Still, if we could actually settle on a date, I wouldn't be so uneasy. But, as dad said, man plans, God decide. :)