Wednesday, October 19, 2005

humanae vitae

Heh. I've been in the library the whole day, and I've done everything but studying. Trust me, when you want some serious studying done, DO NOT go to the library. I ended up as a source of distraction instead, socializing with those who are supposed to be studying for their exams. But I figure out that being in the library is better than staying at home cause on a rainy day like this, I'll end up sleeping anyway and wont get any studying done. At least, I'm doing some kinda of productive stuff here, like developing genuine care and concern for my friends by talking to them. =b My point is, getting cooped up in the library is the lesser of the two evils. Hah, yeah right..

On a more serious note, I am kinda stunned when I found out this morning that the Pro-Life Campaign that our CSS organised recently has created such a buzz among IMU students. There's a forum about it on the IMUCampus forum, and some of the posts seemed quite biased and downright hurtful and judgemental. For me at least. There were speculations about we having the anti-abortion campaign in a medical school, and also people saying that "if one believes in something, it does not give one the licence to tell everyone else that what they believe is wrong" The thing is, I dont recall us trying to thwart the views of those who are pro choice, I dont recall us being extremists and try to impose our beliefs on others. There was nothing Catholic-ky. Our goal in having that campaign was to make a stand in what we believe in, and we did it not because we are Catholics per se. Rather, we did it because we believe that killing is wrong. That is one truth that no one can deny, abortion IS killing, regardless whether you support it or not. A society cannot run if it tolerates the killing of the innocent. These are the basic aspects of human life, and are not exclusively tied to the beliefs of any religious denomination. One doesnt have to be Catholic or religious at all to understand that killing the innocent is wrong. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that, we speaking up against it is not imposing beliefs, it's basic human decency.

During the campaign, I heard a lot of the pro-choice believers saying that it would be cruel to let babies who are known to have congenital birth defects to be borned into this world. Cruel to whom? The mother for having to take care of a sickly child? Why are we being so judgemental? Believing abortion is acceptable for babies with congenital defects with the view to prevent further suffering degrades the value of a human life. In believing that, one is actually measuring a human being's worth by what he can contribute towards society, which leads to handicapped human beings with all their apparent incapacities being seen as of lesser worth compared to 'normal people'. All humans have the same 'human essence', and they fact that we are living is in itself, an assertion that we are all essentially equal. Therefore, if you do no want to be killed, dont kill. It's just not fair.

Abortion is also often seen as an issue of "women's right", and people often fight for the freedom of choice for women, especially in the cases of rape victims. First of all, two wrongs do not equal a right. Abortion may be a kind of resolution, but it is not the one that the woman most deeply longs for, nor will it even preserve her sense of self. This was another issue debated during our pro-life drive. There were people asking "What about the mother? Doesn't she have a say in this? Don't you care about her? Why add to her trauma?" The thing is, we agree totally that the woman who has been raped has undergone a terrible trauma, which we can hardly even begin to comprehend. Yes, of course, her well-being is our concern. But, ask yourself, will an abortion help her? We just assume that abortion is somehow a solution to the rape, and somehow helps to alleviate the pain and trauma of the woman, but how sure are we? I read this article somewhere before and I was (and stil am) in total agreement. Abortion brings a trauma of its own. In rape, the trauma is "someone hurt me". In abortion, the trauma is "I hurt and killed someone else: my own child". Hey, that brings even more grief!

The way I see it, people allow abortion in a bid to create a perfect world, a perfect society. A world without suffering, kononnya... But is there such a thing as a perfect world? Still on the topic of abortion on the basis of congenital birth defects, how different are we from Hitler then? Who are we to judge that babies with Down syndrome are not fit to live, that they should be aborted? Isnt abortion, on this basis, is a form of eugenics practice as well? If this current culture of death continues, I wont be surprised if in the near future, babies will start to be aborted because they have undesirable traits like dwarfism, or some trivial stuff like that.

There's so much more that I want to say regarding my stand on abortion, but should I continue and write down all my thoughts, I can assure you that it'll be endless, and I haven't even started my ramblings from a religious point of view. Bottom line, call it whatever you want, gloss it over as much as you want.. but abortion is still an act of murder that no one should tolerate. Having said that, I dont think I'm being too frank or blunt when I say that it's murder, cause it is the truth bah. By doing this, I'm not really trying to change anyone's views about abortion, because yes, I do believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and I respect that. I'm merely doing what I can, and that is by stating the facts in a peaceful manner (I hope) and from then onwards, having read or heard what I said, it's entirely up to you to make up your own mind. You don't have to believe, I'm not asking you for that, just the understanding of my reasonings. For as long as there are 2 people with conflicting views, there can never be an end to this argument. So, you want a key for restoring order and harmony in this chaotic world of ours? Want a world without suffering? Try unity and understanding instead. Definitely less messier than going around killing unborn children believed to bring more suffering to the world.

"I call heaven and earth today to witness against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live". Deuteronomy 30:19.

psstt.. if u notice any sarcasm and failure to be non-judgemental, pardon me. i have to admit that abortion is an issue close to my heart, and it's not easy trying to keep my cool about something that i care about.


Vas said...

hey daph. Good say on abortion here. It's things that we have all been discussing and I think you laid it on a silver plate here for all to read. Good move. I heard bout all the fuss in the forum, have yet to visit it. Will do so soon though, to read ir for myself. Were there really people saying that we are imposing ideas upon them?? Geesh, some people.....I'll go have a look and leave a thing or two.

Daphie said...

thanks, vas. frankly, i see no point in debating in the forum. the ppl there are arguing just for the sake of arguing, they're not striving for understanding, see. no matter how much u tell them, they wouldnt try to understand, they wouldnt listen. it will be a complete waste of time. at the end of d day, u would only feel drained, both emotionally n spiritually. a forum of tis sort could only work if the 2 different parties debate about tat particular issue to seek understanding. heheh.. good thing i went to d ICG. tats wat they taught us what. unity thru understanding. i think i'm just gonna state my reasons for being pro-life in the forum, once n for all, and leave it at tat. no need to argue. =)

Daphie said...

oh ya.. they din say outfront tat we imposed our beliefs on them la, they just said it indirectly. my point is.. i think some of us in the css have been too defensive about it, i'm not saying tat it's wrong, but we also hav to understand tat there'll always b ppl like tis (u noe, who loves to argue n bring up irrelevant topic like 'wat abt killing animals for their meat? tats cruel too')... so, just pointless rite?

nikki said...

hey daphne. thank you, so much!, for saying what you said. i know, for some people at least, the issue of abortion has been argued and beaten to death already, especially in the forum. i believe what you said SHOULD go on the forum. it reflects what we were really trying to get across from the start, it's sincere and peaceful. and that's what the forum really needs.