Wednesday, November 09, 2005

break from G.I.

Talk about wow.. Just read Sheena's post on the movie, Exorcism of Emily Rose. Everything that she has got to say mirrors my own sentiments on spiritual warfare as well. We went for that movie about two weekends ago with Adrian, right after Life Mass at our parish church, SFX. At the end of it all, although feeling a bit spooked, I have to say that the movie was really faith strenghtening. Earlier in the movie, it really got me wondering, where is God in all this? So, at the end, while Fr Moore read out Emily Rose's letter in court, the one in which she revealed her meeting the Blessed Virgin, my question was finally answered. I knew then that she was never alone during her sufferings, and to quote "heaven is not blind to your suffering". The fact that she chose to stay and suffer even more pain made me realise that God was always there with her, giving her strength and comfort. It was kinda scary, because she was 19 when that happened, i.e. same age as I am now, and she just seemed like this ordinary uni student from this ordinary Catholic family. Basically, it got me thinking that whoa.. that could have happened to me as well. But then again, I remember that God wont give us more than we could handle. I really admire Emily and those who were still by her side when she was possessed. She really had the courage and strength. If I was in her shoes, I think I would choose to go, rather than stay.

Anyway, I sms-ed my dad this morning and it went like this

"hey u, mister good lookin u! watcha doin? playin net? doin paperwork? miss me? i miss u hav a great day at work.. =)"

to which he replied

"R u alright. Yr sms is funny. Miss u too. Take care"

Hilarious man.. He must have thought something is not wrong with my head, cuz my smsz always start with a boring "hey dad" or "hi dad".

Going to planet shakers' concert tonight, so must study now! Wheee....... =D