Tuesday, November 22, 2005

parting gift

The scrap book that Sheena, Vasan, Jeremy and Michelle gave me before I left yesterday (correct me if I missed anyone out!)

Jer did most of the stuf. Thanks, Jer!

M2/05's orientation, Bakat ASAYO, football, paradise concert

Mich's bday, retreat at PD, ICG

Finally.. the notes that bring tears to my eyes..

I remember one outing not so long ago.. We were eating chicken rice in Midvalley, we were talking about gifts. You guys asked me what's my favourite gift, and that day I said I have no favourite, I love everything people gave me. Ask me again today, and I'll tell you.. this purple scrapbook (my fave colour!) is the best gift anyone could ever give me, and I appreciate it so much, knowing how much effort u guys put into it. Thanks, love..


Vas said...

Hey daph!!! Glad you like the present so much...Yeah, we knew that you love purple so much, how can we forget??? And hey, I did some stuff in the scrap book too!! Like, get with the program! Anyway, you have a good holiday ok? Stop thinking about us already....(I'm trying hard not too) Have that card you gave me on my computer...sigh...see it everyday, and it's jusst sad. Cant wait till next year!!