Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Vasan with his gold tie, cute lass in d middle n Desmond during CSS juniors' welcoming party

I'm thinking about the time when Vasan and I would study together in the library, our cubicles just next to each other. I keep thinking of the times when we used to go up to the rooftop to eat or drink coffee in the afternoons. How he refuse to stay long, because he doesnt want his clothes to become smelly bkos of the asap. I think of the time when he held me in Midvalley while I was having an emotional moment. I keep on thinking of the times when he used to criticize my kitchen or my unlady-like qualities. Sometimes he drives me mad bkos of his fussiness (? got such word?). How he just had to meddle and campur tangan with the dishes I'm cooking. Mr Vainpot Vasan. Haha.. I keep on thinking of how he likes to take credits for the dishes n stuf. "Oh.. this is Daphne's slash Vasan's fried mushroom".. Mentang mentang la he's a great cook. I remember the time when his picture appeared in The Sun, cuz he won the title Too Hot To Handle. And.. the times when my girlfriends would swoon, looking at his pictures inside MyPictures folder. "Wow.. Vasan looks hot in this pic" Hey Vas, if u're reading this, I sengaja din tell u. No need to boost ur already too banyak ego. =b I remember how he loves the song Cry by Mandy Moore.. cuz he said it reminds him of us. "It lasted forever.. ended so soon" I remember how he used to talk to me when I was down because of a certain guy. He would often sms me asking how was I doing, whether I was ok. I remember when I first started hanging out with him, I was so amazed at his sarcasm and witty remarks. He kinda took me under his wings, and before long I graduated in the course of insulting and being a bimbo-cheerleader type. The best thing about Vasan is he lets u noe if he enjoys ur company, like saying stuf like "That was so fun. We should do it again sometimes" Sometimes I wonder, does he really have to colour-coordinate his shirt, and his tie, his belt and his shoes? I keep on thinking back, remembering the time when I used to ask him stuff.. I remember me asking him abt action potential.. abt the ions.. I remember him telling me abt Sertoli and the Leydig cells. And the night before my Physio 2 exam when he went thru the key points in haemato with me. I keep thinking of how nice it is to hug him, with his chin resting on my head, he was that tall huh.. He feels like a daddy sumtimes. I keep thinking about that psycho-analysing ability of his that can be annoying at times, cause u try so hard to put on that plastic face, trying so hard not give anything away, but he would still know or sense if something is not right. Then Mr. Debater here would also constantly correct our pronunciation. I remember one time when we were eating carrot cake while waiting at a McD drive thru.. at 4a.m., after watching IT.. Ken and I were talking abt cakes and ovens. Ken and I pronounced it as "o-ven" as in the orange kind of o. Vasan quickly corrected and said "ah-ven". There were many other words.. like marmoset.. and hazel. Haha. I dunno why but he keeps on naming people after animals. He calls himself a pink dolphin, and he named me a baby seal. So cute.. Vas, I miss you.. I love you too! U better come back and see me next year, u goose u!

Jeremy and I after our SFX choir performance during Bakat ASAYO

I remember vividly the first time I met Jer, cause he was the second CSS person, after Nikki that I got to know when I first joined them for mass on Holy Thursday this year. He was really friendly right from the start. Couldnt stop talking wei. But I guess that's one of his admirable qualities, cause he makes one feel comfortable. I keep on thinking of the first time when we went out together - it was quite hilarious. I was about to go back home after grocery shopping at Bukit Bintang when I met Nikki. Btw, I was alone cuz I didnt have any hang out frens at tat time. Nik suggested tat I meet up with Jer and Mich, who were on their way to BB as well. So the 3 of us ended up shopping for bday gifts the whole day. I keep thinking about how when I need someone to talk to, he would always be there - he'll come and we'll drive around in his car, while I tell him stuf and ask for advice. I'm amazed at times at how much he opens up to me when we're alone, cuz he has this thing about looking macho in public. I remember one time the 2 of us went to Secret Recipe, and he was telling me stuf. I keep on thinking about the time when we went to Stomp with his housemate Thinesh and Nunis. While queueing up for the tickets, he and Thinesh teased me thruout. Boy, I was pissed cuz my back was hurtin, so I was like telling him "Dont mess with me, I'm havin PMS" I remember thinking it was cute that he was immediately contrite, and started to do things to make up for it. I remember the jolly good times we had dancing during concerts, especially the Golden Jubilee. Sama palak juga me and Jer. Oh ya, which reminds me of the times when he would dance away, which would be embarrassing at times, not because he sucks at it, he's actually a great dancer.. but hey, doin salsa in train is kinda weird ba. I often think now of how he would normally win whenever we play one of those fighting games on PS2. Oh ya.. he's also the one who introduced me to House, panda biscuit.. and the lesbian mee. And how he hates watermelon, and cucumber. Hmm.. I remember now he seems to have "sakit purut" so often. He just msged last nite saying he sakit perut again. Talking about House, I remember tis one funny incident 2 weekends ago

Sheena and I at Glad Tidings after the Paradise Australia concert

I was quite scared.. no.. intimidated by Sheena Toyat the first time I met her. This girl is bigger than life. One of my earliest memories of her was when she was telling Jer (on the way for Holy Thursday mass) that as a kid, she used to read the obituaries and pray for any Catholics who died, despite the fact that she doesnt even know them. I remember thinking that.. "wow.. I never would have thought of that when I'm young. I would know how to play only" I thought that it was a beautiful thing that she did.

Michelle and I went crazy after A&W's curly fries

U noe wat, the funny thing is I never thought much about Michelle the first time I saw her. The first time I saw her, she was running around with a list of names of people who are also going to mass that Holy Thursday.


Vas said...

Oh my God Daphne!! Why do you like to make me cry!!!!sob sob's so touching!! You were a wonderful friend, and always will be, And of course I will come visit!! Things may not be the same, but I will try my best to make sure it does. You and the rest are gems to me, people that I don't think I will ever forget for the time to come....