Monday, December 26, 2005

as i stay up pondering..

Gosh, by this time next week, I'll already be back to

1) Vista Komanwel B, Bukit Jalil.

2) 2nd year of uni

3) Sleepin on my queen-sized bed

4) Eating blah food - it's either rooftop or Food Ave, baby

5) The ever freezing Lecture Theatre 1

6) The practical sessions at MDLs (Multi-Disciplinaries Lab.. i dun understand why they cant just call em labs)

7) Cuvettes n' safety goggles n' gloves n' spectrophotometers n other lab paraphernalia

8) The much dreaded KLCC meetings

9) Taekwondo trainings and gradings

10) CSS(!) Lifeline and SFX church

As much as I miss IMU just 2-3 weeks ago, now I dont know if I really feel the same way. Going back there does mean being responsible for myself again, and a whole of other things. It means going back to hard work and sacrifices. It means going back to desolation, and loneliness maybe. Maybe now I'm dreading my return there so much cause I cant really imagine that I wont see some familiar faces around there anymore. There'll be no more Vasan and Jeremy and Sheena and Michelle. It's still kinda hard for me to come to accept this fact; they're the seniors that made sure I was ok when I first came to IMU, who tried to make me feel comfortable and at home. Then the dynamics of our relationship changed, it became so much more than that. We started spending most of our time together, we ate, we studied, we played, and slept together. Now that my little family is gone, it's gonna be so different when I come back.

Like most people I know, I dont like changes. But thankfully, some things dont change. God, for example, who's in a class of His own, and definitely cant be classified as a "thing", will remain, yesterday and today, the same, now 'til forever meets no end. And of course, there's CSS, which, Godwilling, shall continue to be a united community that is the source of strength and pillar of support or other Catholic students, so that together we'll be..

"Building a new generation of Catholic doctors, pharmacists and nurses who are Sound in Word, Sound in Faith, Sound in Prayer and Sound in Love"
Haha, that by the way is our mission statement. Anyway, so maybe things wont be that bad. I mean, it's not like I dont have any other friends also. But the thing is, I've got a feeling that I will miss Bintulu and the people left here when I return to KL. I just came to realise that I am a bit emotionally attached to a friend here, and I'm gonna miss chatting with him. Friendship's like that I guess, you meet and you part. If you dont want the parting to hurt, then dont get too close to the person. But then if you dont subject yourself to the emotional side of the thing, boy, you'll miss out all the great stuff friendship has to offer. Double-edged sword, that's what it is. LOL


vanessa (p105) said...

hey daphne,

you forgot 'super-elevated-difficulty-in-studies' and 'compulsory-library-furnituring'.

see you next week!


Daphie said...

hi vanessa,

wow.. it's such a pleasant surprise to hear from u. enjoy kuching while u can, haha. yup, u're absolutely right. its gonna be challenging, our 2nd year. think of d high failure rate. till i see u at d start of d new sem, take care. *hugs*