Friday, December 30, 2005

butter leg

Crap.. it happened again this evening.

I spent the last few remaining minutes of sunlight today to play It, or main jadi as we call it in Iban, u noe, d game where u run around and the goal is to evade the It. I was having fun, I felt good, running away from my bro who was It. Err.. correction, I sprinted actually, like kabazillion times. I remember thinking that it was probably a wrong thing to do, and as I was running I was wondering whether my left knee would give way again. It didnt, but half an hour later, sitting down at the patio, I felt a sharp stab of pain as I tried to get up. Uh-oh.. here we go again...

It all started a few months ago, back to the month of February, on a Thursday.. <Cey.. sounds like wanna write novel only... haha> It was during orientation week, and we just finished our telematch. By the way.. I looked like this.. <look below> wet, matted with flour, egg, butter, garlic and everything.. well.. not nice.

So anyway.. when everything was over, all the running and crawling and whatnot, I went to the toilet to clean myself and well.. to pee lah. I just entered the cubicle when suddenly I experienced kneecap slippage, my knee gave way and I fell down. It all happened so fast - I felt some kind of partial dislocation as it went out and clicked back in again. But the pain, the pain was excruciating you.. I was crying. Some batchmates of mine who were also in the toilet heard me, and called for the First Aid people. For a few minutes, I was in absolute despair. I was inside the cubicle, and the rest of the people was at the opposite side of the cubicle door. Help was there but unless I can open the door, they cant help me.

After a while, I managed to unlatch the door. I remember my senior Zhi Yong helping me up. There wasnt much that he could do though. I didnt see a doctor until the next morning, on Friday. By then, it was swollen and I was hobbling around. The doctor told me that I sprained my ligament or something, probably because I'm not used to the exertion. <I've been running up and down the 3 storeys building that day, just to get a senior's much-needed signature>He gave me painkillers, some analgesic cream and told me to rest and try not too move much for 2 or 3 days. Of course I listened to him -- not!! I returned to uni n went on with the orientation.. n oh boy, I sure walked like tak cukup tanah like that.

But comes night-time on Friday, wow.. my knee was more swollen than ever. The whole weekend I cant sleep much. I remember waking up in the middle of the night because I guess the painkiller's effect wore off, and I was in so much pain. It's the kind of pain that was so intense and reduces u to tears, y'know. I sought comfort by reading the bible and praying. After a while the pain subsided a little and I could sleep again.

Anyway, apparently knee joint is one of the most difficult of joints to heal if damaged. And apparently, females are more susceptible to dislocation of the kneecap, due to the wider hip placement or something like that. And of course, once u have the existing injury, u'll automatically have increased chance of aggravating it. It's like u'll b stuck with that now-weak knee forever. So.. the next time u do some kind of well, physical activities, take extra measure of precaution. I believe stretching and doing warming up helps. Wear that knee support stuf too. Of course, try not to make any jerky movements, for example, being too enthusiastic about coming out of a knee bend. This will cause the ligament to stretch, n u'll feel the same familiar pain above or below ur knee.

Being me, I couldnt care less, and look what happened the last time I played futsal. LOL My knee was swollen for a few days too after that futsal session.

Yup.. tat's me in black, in the futsal court. Serves me right... Ha ha.