Thursday, December 22, 2005

for sheena

sheena.. at least now u can proudly say tat someone has dedicated a post to you, n tat someone is me lagi tu.. the Ms Pretty Enticing Ravishing Alluring Sexy Aphrodite Nymph.. or Ms Perasan, as u like to call me.. heheh.. dont forget tat joke of ours ya.. anyway.. just wanna tell u that i was thinking of while d carollers were at my place. miss d times we harmonised together babe, preparing for praise n worship.. singing christmas songs n stuf. i reckon we can make it big if we become singers.. u noe.. like juwita suwito or 1am ka.. LOL. so.. what say u? maok sik? tell me when u feel u wanna drop out of south hampton.. tat'll be so cool.. medic-skool dropout turns into a singer. ahaha.. hav urself a blessed christmas, n a holy new year!!

xox, dap

p/s: i oso dunno y i m creatin tis post since i can very well just sms u. i seriously need sleep....