Thursday, December 29, 2005

I've been thinking, trying to understand what makes Catholic Students Society so dear to my heart. I've been trying to understand what makes us able to connect with each other at a more personal, deeper level. I mean, I have close relationships with other people too, but nothing like what I am experiencing with the CSS people. Hahaha. Makes us all sound like a cult or something, which by the way, we're totally NOT. I thought it was only me. I thought I was exaggerating but turns out.. these people feel the same way too.

Jeremy Nunis, on his blog wrote...

This year, I'm actually at high spirits for the right reasons, cheerful, hyper and importantly, single. Why? That's another story. I guess this is mostly due to the mini 'family' I have at my apartment and in IMU.

My family at IMU? Hm... The CSS people lo.. and of course some of my batchmates(i only know about 70 of them).. No one from the CSS in particular because everyone has been so kind, caring and loving, it's impossible to single out any one of them.

On the recent CSS farewell party for the CSS seniors...

Before giving the gifts, Nikki tried to say something about the Sem 5's and looked to us juniors for help, but got none.. I think we were kinda lost for words too. However, I have seomthing to say.. The Sem 5's made life here so much more interesting, they helped us to adjust to life here, they've been close friends, they've been kind and compassionate in their own way to all of us.

Celestine, a friend from church on his blog wrote...

What I would like to blog today is to say that I was encouraged to see the family-like bond between the members of IMU's Catholic Students Society (CSS). Everyone was real, there was no faking it. I was so touched by the friendships I see; that for a moment, I actually wished I was studying medicine in IMU! :)God's favor is truly upon the CSS of IMU. I praise God that IMU CSS is not made up of just Catholics but also FRIENDS.

Sheena, on her blog wrote about the recent CSS Retreat in Port Dickson...

More than most, I was so touched by how willing everybody was to pray. On the last night, the worship teams gathered to thank God for the day. The others, who were leaving for supper, caught sight of us forming a circle, and when they heard that we were praying, they stayed to pray together with us.

A group that prays together, stays together.

And finally, Adeline, an M203 senior said ...

Some of my very good friends are Catholics and I confess that of late, I've been observing the way they interact and envying them, a little.

I notice the way they all seem to know every other Catholic in the university.

I notice the way they show care and concern for each other.

I notice how close they seem to be and how much they share with each other.

I notice how they look out for each other and count on each other for help when they’re feeling down.

I wish, sometimes, that I could behave like them, and that the other Christians I know would behave like them as well.

Of course, Catholics aren’t perfect, and what I see is very likely only the tip of the iceberg. But I think we do have something to learn from them.

Frankly, I have no idea why I talk about CSS a lot, like I'm obsessed with it or something. Har har. Maybe because most of the time CSS gives me the headache, and I dont mean it in a bad sense or anything. It's just that this post is undisputedly emotionally n physically n spiritually taxing, and a lot of preparations and time and efforts are poured weekly into the smooth going of our activities. Researchs have to be done, bearing in mind that these are Catholic doctrines that we're gonna be learning together about. In the business of playing planner and taskmaster, it's easy to forget for what reason I am working so hard. Hearing all these comments truly is comforting, knowing that whatever I did, they were all worthwhile. *sniff sniff*

Oh.. and I therefore dedicate this particular post to Michelle and Sheena, for reasons that they alone would know and understand. =)


JeMbOrEe said...

Hey.. U quoted something from my blog *proudness*.. hahaa..

Vas said...

Dap. we enjoyed every single moment being there for you guys and with you guys....