Thursday, December 22, 2005

palpitations whatever

"When I hugged him for one last time, I cherished that feeling of having him close, no matter how bittersweet. For some unknown reason, I could feel his heart beating strongly. Hehe.. maybe he had tachycardia. But the thing is, I'm amazed to being able to feel for myself what I thought only happened in romantic novels - the beating of someone's heart against yours. At that moment, *Name_Witheld, I just want to cry so much. And that I did. I cried for a love lost, though, I guess he didnt know that, he probably thought I was crying because ..go figure... I dont know why, but I'm stil hurting.."

p/s: Tis is gonna be one of those posts that I'll think twice or thrice before publishing during the day, but right now, I dont really care. An excerpt from a letter somewhere that I meant to give to someone quite a while ago.