Tuesday, January 31, 2006

corica's apple strudel

You know what, I suddenly miss Perth. Actually, I've been missing it for a few days now, but felt it even more when I thought of, of all things(!), Corica's apple strudel just moments ago.

In KLIA that day, as I was queuing to enter the boarding lounge, I saw a group of guys in front of me, and one of them was carrying 2 boxes of apple strudel! By golly, I could recognise that they were from Corica's anytime, anywhere! Seriously, through my own observation, it is quite a common sight for people arriving from Perth to carry those long rectangular boxes from Corica's, particularly Kuching Airport.

Corica's apple strudel is at least about 40cm in length, and it costs about AUD 15+ like that per slab. It is absolutely heavenly, and the custard is rich and creamy. I dont know about anywhere else, but Corica's is definitely the best place to get apple strudel in Perth. Not even Miss Maud could compete. Omigosh, I'm absolutely drooling here, and I doubt if I'm making any sense. Haha.

Hint.. hint.. I wouldnt mind if anyone from Perth brings me back a box of apple strudel. It's so very the nice! I wanted to bring back some for mum too the last day I was there, but Corica's was already closed, it being a Sunday and all. Sigh...

Never been this crazy about pastries. Makes me think it's worth it to fly back to Perth, even only for the strudel. Slurp..


Sheena said...

The last pastry I had in KL was apple strudel, from Strudels.

Now you're telling me there's a nicer one?

Daphie said...

sheen.. no kidding, super nice u. it's sinfully delicious! but anyway, i shud try the one from Strudels, d one u mentioned. but knowing how bAd ur taste it, i shouldnt hope for much. hehe! kidding!

u coming bak kl for a while kan, goose? bah, keluar kita maok sik? altho, i certainly wudnt profess my undying love for u. i reckon tat a simple "i miss u" is enuff. haha. hey u, i rilly miss teasin u... take care