Saturday, January 28, 2006

home & sinus

I'm home again, and it has only been about a month since I left. Yay!

It's Chinese New Year Eve, and I'm slaving away, writing my lab report on anion-exchange chromatography. Not that I mind really. I mean, it's not like I'm celebrating CNY as well. I wasnt supposed to come home, but after much thinking, I decided that no way I'm going to spend 11 days in Bukit Jalil totally alone. I could go crazy. So, my dad allowed me to fly home to Bintulu, but not before he made me promise to study this whole one week.

I didnt sleep at all on Thursday night. The boys were back from Pahang, and they just got their EOS exam result. We went to Chilli's for dinner; Paul, Vasan, Calvin, Ben and I. Omigosh, they kept on piling food on my plate, that in the end I felt so ... ugh. Sure, the food was great, but Chilli's is also like a meat nightmare. The mashed potato was YUM though.

After that, we

- went back to Tribal House to hang out
- went to Ajimal Razim for a drink
- went to play DOTA at the nearby CC (Amelia n I won.. yay!!)

By the time I got back, it was 4 something, and the cab was due in about 1.5 hrs to send Amy, Pris n I to KLIA. Not much time to sleep, so, I spent the last hour or so packing and talking to Paul.

Moving on to more serious stuff, as the plane was about to descend, I felt a sharp pain in my sinus. I was alarmed a bit, cause I know I have problems with my sinus, but never got it checked or anything. I remembered that my dad had an operation before to remove the polyp in his sinus, and it made me even more scared. The pain was so intense that I had to keep on rubbing the area to alleviate it. The bad thing was, the plane was hovering around for a bit, because as the pilot explained, we were not expected at Bintulu airport for another 7 minutes. The 10 mins or so seemed to stretch to forever. I couldnt really open my eyes because of the pressure. Luckily, by the time the plane touched the tarmac, the pain was dull and radiated towards the temple.

I have always had trouble when flying. Normally, I'll feel pain in my ears because of the pressure, but for the first time ever, I feel pain in the sinus instead of the ear. I know it's normal, but I really wonder if it has anything to do with the ear infection that I had when I was 9. I remember it well, because the doctor told me not to jump around or something because I might cause my ear drum to perforate if I do that, and my teacher thought I was lying just to be excused from P.E. I mean, I seem to be the only one in my family who's so sensitive to the pressure and all.

Oh, well... time to go to the doctor. I havent seen one for consultation for about a year now. Haha. The trainee pharmacist thinks she's so smart sometimes, that she normally refuses to see a doctor.


JeMbOrEe said...

U played dota and won? Against Paul and Ben ar?? *Grinz*

Daphie said...

hi dear!

wadya doin up so late? hehe.. nah.. we wudnt b tat lucky if paul played as well. actually amy n i were playin against michiebun n ben. paul din play but was on our side tho, he was kinda like helpin so.. he might have helped us in winning.. LOL. it was my first time too!

JeMbOrEe said...

Hahaha.... Not fair la like that if he help... Rematch!! :P

At least i got one of ur opponents right :)