Monday, January 09, 2006

mas es amar

Going back to uni, or Bukit Jalil for that matter, eventhough exciting after a long hiatus, was initially nostalgic, and a little bit depressing.

When I first came back, the relative silence of my apartment was maddening. I was rarely alone last year, there'll be Michelle or Amelia over at my place almost every day. I was cleaning around my place, and whatever I do seems to remind me of them. I opened my closet and saw Michelle's clothes - her jeans, her labcoat, her shirts.. The way she left her stuff there, she might as well just be my roommate. I was in the kitchen to unpack my groceries, and I saw Vasan's Earl Grey tea sachets, as well as Ken's cute candles. There were momento's everywhere, it's like no one ever left at all.

I found myself missing the Sem 5's seniors that I never thought I would miss. Like TJ for example. It was a bit of a shock rilly, like a jolt back to reality. He's the first person I used to see when I enter the library last year, so it's rilly weird not seeing him around anymore. And there's Phang. Somehow, I kinda miss his booming voice, which is kinda strange, considering that we dont even know each other personally. *Sigh*

That was a week ago, and since then, I'm trying to cope with the 'weirdness' of IMU without Batch M203. I've been immersing myself with studies and with the mamak intervals, it's not so bad rilly. Nothing has been dull since I came back, there's been lotsa drama that it feels like a scene right out of Desperate Housewives. Haha, maybe not, but I personally think it's close anyway, minus the sexual liaisons and whatnot though.

1) We've been stopped by the police once <that was rilly scary tho it was an honest mistake!>
2) Paul and Ben had rilly bad food poisoning over the weekend
3) Jeremy's car brake decided to malfunction, so the whole system had to be changed
4) Iggy had rashes on his hands which was rilly bugging him,
5) I had to attend the Kuala Lumpur Coordinating Council (KLCC) meeting which I managed to escape after 2.5 hrs
6) Paul dropped his phone in the parking lot that day and it was ran over by a car....

And now, here I am, in the library again with my panda eyes on a Monday morning. God pull me through the day...


michi3michi3bun said...

ahem... u forgotten to state that u miss me!!! ehehehhe....
next time i will leave smth in ur house...for SURE ehhehehe~
c'ya soon

Vas said...

what dramas??? Tell me....
And hey, you have no idea how much I miss you guys ok, maybe I dont show it, but my actions should speak well, that is, if you noticed..

Dr. Lisa Metzger said...

you gave all your love to him. wow.
why don't you let him know how your immense are your feelings for him? why are you giving up just because he tells you that likes a friend of yours? unrequited love is another phrase to describe your love. wiki it and you'll find great people in the past, especially men, who were like you, liking someone but never telling them their feelings and perhaps somehow would rather feel the pain.

why torture yourself like this? why not write a poem or a song about him? or why not tell him? you'll never know he feels for you until you let him know. there's a likelihood that he'll response positively.

you wouldn't want to spend the next 10, 20 or even 50 years thinking about him. "oh that boy in the past. how sweet he was and i still miss him."

Daphie said...

maybe i'm a coward, maybe i've had enough. i dont know. i just dont see d point in pursuing something/someone's that's not really worth it. it hurts a lot. i just dont want to subject myself to that kind of emotional torture anymore. he talks about her all the time. i know him well enough to know that he's really serious about her, so, what can i say? i guess it's rather pointless. i rather move on and forget him. =)

Daphie said...

hey vas.. i miss u too. we shud still try to meet up even when u guys r busy in clinical skool. happy holidays dear, continue be d great nephew tat u are, n take care of aunty carol k? see u real soon. we shud all go out on valentine's day!