Monday, January 30, 2006

Being Iban, I of course do not celebrate Chinese New Year, but I guess that doesnt stop people from sending me Gong Xi Fatt Chai messages. My Malaysian Studies lecturer initially thought that I'm Eurasian until I corrected her. Some people think that I'm Chinese-Indian. When I was much younger, people used to think I was a Hindi-Angmo kid, I guess because my cousins then used to braid my hair, and my hair was more brown then....

Point is, it's amusing.

Anyway, after Iban mass and a visit to Pris house, the only CSS goose around, my family went to Sibu <which is 2.5 hours away> on Sunday to visit my mum's youngest sister Aunty Yi (her name is actually Lily, but affectionately known as Yi). My Aunty Yi married Uncle Alex, who's Chinese, so she's been celebrating CNY for years now. We were there for a night, and boy, I remember a lot of binging. She's a great baker and cook, so the food was great. Know what the good part is? I got ang pau's from both my uncle and my aunty. That I didnt expect. I seldom go visiting during CNY, so maybe I'm sakai a bit. LOL.

We drove back today, but not before stopping at Ah-kong and Ah-ma's place at Sibujaya, Uncle Alex's parents. Here lagi happening. Got angpau from Ah-kong, and Ah-ma took a great deal of trouble to cook us lunch. In fact, everytime I go there to visit them, I'll always find her in the kitchen cooking up a feast for everyone. A real nice old lady, great cook, and her acar is to die for. She sends us jars of acar every Gawai and Christmas without fail. The only thing is, we often have communication problem because she can only speak Hokkien; when she speaks I can understand/get the gist of what she's saying, just that I cant reply her back in Hokkien, so I'll start to reply in Malay/English, hoping that she understands only lah. Ah-kong, though he can speak a little Malay, still fares no better.

All in all, it was a great trip, though it would have been much better if it rained a little along the way. The weather is extremely hot. I got to see my cousins Pearl 10, Abraham 6, and Isaac 3, whom I literally saw since the day they were born. Nerve-wrecking yet adorable bunch of kids that I babysit at least 3 weeks every year without fail. Daphne the babysitter. *Shing!* Plus, my aunty gave me lotsa goodies for me to bring back to KL, including one of my favs, pineapple tarts with a little hint of parmesan.. as well as another big jar of Ah-ma's acar. So... it's all goood!

Except for this sore throat part. Oh, dear.


Sheena said...

You GOOSE, you! Sorry I didn't reply... My DiGi line's been giving me problems, grrr. Anyway, WHY YOU NOT COMING MIRI ANYMORE?

Not that I mind if you can't come... It's not like I miss you or anything :P

(Yeah, RIGHT!)

Daphie said...


haha. r u kidding me? my dad woke us all up at 4am something that morning, saying "let's go to miri!" i mean, i was stil sleeping, disoriented, n to say tat his proposal was unexpected is an understatement. LOL. anyway, he cudnt drag me, my mum n my bro out of bed so.. din go la. like, who would bother waking up early to go to lousy old miri. canada hill konon. muahahaha.

anyway, we might b going for a daytrip tis weekend tho, so, i'll let u noe if jadi eventho DIGI SUCKS. hahaha. so, see u soon in kl i hope.