Tuesday, January 24, 2006

3 weeks had passed by. Oh. So. Fast. Funny how life used to have a stagnant feel about it when I was younger. Maybe I want time to be as it was for me before I left home 2 years ago. Standing still. Actually, I dont really mind the way it seems to slip right through my fingers. Life is on exciting mode now. So what's not to like... right?

But u noe what they say about reaching ur destination at the end of the day without missing out on the lovely sceneries along the way? Well, I'm just hoping that in my current journey to get that degree, I dont make too many stops along the way and eventually get lost!

Oh, well........

Anyway, I just discovered for myself that expanding waistline and lighter wallet seem to correlate. So... that means, if I want a smaller waistline.. I should make my wallet heavier??? Erkk.. <confused>

With Jeremy's car around while he's on holidays, we've been going everywhere to eat. Had countless suppers. Bak kut teh at SS14. Incredible steamboat opposite Sunway Pyramid. Kim Gary's. Claypot chicken at Gemilang. Cheese naan at Steven's Corner.... Oh, I get it!

Main point: I should spend less on food. WE should spend less on food. After 3 weeks, we're getting broke. LOL

Ben and Paul left for a trip to Pahang yesterday noon. <so NOT fun without me, whatever> The world is a much quieter place without them. Now, that's not a good thing. I miss them..


Vas said...

hey!!!! HOW COME you DONT MISS ME!!!!!! FIne!

JeMbOrEe said...

Yeah... Me too!!!

Anonymous said...

HEYLO they went to kuantan ler....but is kuantan in pahang ar? heheheh.... blame ur light wallet on ben coz if he cudn;t drive ...u'll still b rich ;P

Daphie said...

aiyo.. what a bunch of whining ppl i got for frens. haha. i miss u guys too lar! it's so quiet here with only us pharmacists around.

hey michie!
yeah, luckily they're not here. no more paul calling out for supper n all. but it's ok, d three of us amy can stil have SO MUCH fun witout d rest of em gooses. hehe! see u at my place later!!