Friday, February 24, 2006

brazil jersey rocks!!

For reasons that I think only my nutty housemate, Di, would understand, I decide to name today's rather insipid post "Brazil Jersey". =b

IMU corridors and hallways are empty and lifeless no more. This past week our lecture theathre and table at the cafeteria has been swarmed by juniors desperate for the much-needed seniors' signatures. Earlier this week, I have been really occupied with work and commuting to KL city (my parents were here for a few days) that I havent been really joining my fellow batchmates to orientate the P106 batch.

Anyway, last night we held a detective game for the juniors and I was helping some of my batchmates out at their station. I have to say, this batch is a whiny, terrible lot. They surely have a problem with punctuality, (the station masters had to wait for almost 2 hours for them to come). I got a bit impatient, so when the first group finally came, I had already prepared a little something for them;

soil + smelly garlic water = facial mask, which I happily slathered on their cheeks.

That was for being so late, and for walking so slow. Padan muka.

Their orientation is so much milder compared to ours last year. They didnt have crazy seniors asking them to

1. Form human pyramids (and we were no cheerleaders)
2. Run up the static escalators from the ground floor to the 3rd floor in 2 minutes
3. Hang from the escalator like a bunch of monkeys
4. Shout out Hokkien foul words from the atrium
5. .. and the list goes on..

No, they have seniors that only ask them to dance a little, wiggle a little and sing a little. Aiyoh, too much to ask kah? We never had so much laughter before during orientation. Not that it's wrong for them to laugh away everyday and have fun la. My point is, during our orientation last year, days were filled with dread, because some seniors can be pretty mean.

Anyway, tonight shall be the "grand finale" for P106's orientation. The pharmacy batches have this tradition, and I'm sure not going to tell the whole world here. Let's just say that, it's something like a rite of passage, everyone of us went through it. Really curious to see what their reactions would be like later tonight.

Kudos to Hee Sheong's orientation group for the brilliant, tribal-sounding cheer.
We are, we are sakais, sakais
Hoo hoo, hoo ga sa ga hoo ga sa ga
Hoo hoo, we are the sakais
Hoo hoo, we're gonna kick ur ass ass
Go... sakai!!
One more time! Sak.. sak.. sak... SAKAI!
Kudos to Brazil Jersey for amusing us seniors with him dancing away. Really cute.
Kudos to P105, who slaved away this whole week making sure everything runs smoothly. Here's to late nights, late dinners, constant headaches, unfinished workshops and tutorials and a lot of sleeping in lectures. =)
Did I mention really cute?