Thursday, March 16, 2006


Super-Man (my younger bro Man) messaged me this morning:

"Ppl2 choose 1- augustine, raphael, maximus, paul, jerome atau apa2 nok sounds gud 4 my confirmation name."

And then, I told him to choose anything else but Raphael. I like that name, see. I told him I want to name my son after the archangel, Raphael.

But then hoh, to my chagrin, I got a reply from him that said:

"Too late man.. Ibu ko madah anak laki nya nok ambik nama ya lok.. Kau lum beranak agik nya madah."

which basically means..

My mum said that HER son will be taking that name first, since, obviously, I dont have a son YET.

Aiyoh! So geram oh!

Besides, what kind of a name will Gavin Raphael Man Gima be? That's like so weird rite? At least mine sounds better rite. Daphne Faustina Maie Gima. Or my sista's.. Erica Sarah Sudan Gima. True or not?

Eeee.. *geram*