Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Guide To Be Not Irritating On The Phone

Rule No. 1:
You dont go around calling people late at night for business purposes. It's plain rude. Yeah, sure, I was still up and about, but the last thing I wanna hear from a stranger at that time of the day is "Can you be in charge of ...?"

Rule No. 2:
Second, pronounce names correctly. It's def-ni, sebutan baku, not de-fin. Get it? Argh.. News flash, u have to learn how to call things or in this case, people, by their correct names. Daphne so hard to pronounce kah?

Rule No. 3:
Dont sound so hostile. You're trying to get me to do something remember? Sounding friendlier would be good.

On top of that, when I give you a reason why I might not (and I stress, might being the operative word here) be able to do it, try not to sound too sceptical of the reason? You dont go around interrogating people. That's like so rude lah! I mean, why on earth would I lie to you? Each batch here got different timetables, so we have different exams and holidays, not like u people. So hard to believe kah?

Give me a break la. I've been studying and drawing chemical compounds the whole day. Exam month u noe, got lab reports to submit some more. It wouldn't be good for you at all if I turn up dead due to stress-related illnesses (name one, I cant think of any) before the event now, would it?

BUKIT JALIL, Tues: The body of a 19 year old female IMU student was found on the ground floor of an apartment block here late last night. The victim, whose identity was confirmed by her housemate, Diana Khoo, was suspected to have accidentally fallen off her apartment's balcony on the 7th floor. Police suspected no foul play.

"Daph was such a nice and happy girl. Everyone who knew her loved her", said Diana. "But on the bright side, looks like I dont have to repair her specs that I've broken after all."

Heh, I'm touching wood.


-Di- said...

hey "dafin"..take it easy ya..don't so stress!! everyone also going thru the same thing now..and to tell u the truth, your journalism skills not bad ah..

p/s : picture me until so bad ah..say that i no need to repair your specs all..anyway..sorry bout it AGAIN!!! in the meantime, you can wear your pInK specs! =p

-Di- said...

erm..forgot to comment on a certain part -> "everyone who knew her loved her"?


Daphie said...

but i look absolutely horrifying in my pink specs!! wat d heck was i thinking, getting that specs.

oh, i noe! it was like THE fashion bak in form 5. everyone was wearing tinted glasses. ugh.. blind ka..

Daphie said...

on the bright side, at least tat girl din call me "dolphin". i get tat a lot too. i remember one of the referees in last august's taekwondo tournament, he called me "dolphin"(!) like, what's wrong with these ppl?

Darren said...

Hey DEAFIN or DOGFINS, mannn...sorry ya if i spelt it wrongly... but i don't think so i am that dumb to spell it wrongly..haha Anyway, like what diana (blur girl) =] said don't so stress la... take it easy... everybody equally stressla... you think you the only 1??? yeah, you should wear the pink specs too ya... makes you looks more weirdloh...haha

Sheena said...

Pink specs? I think you got the wrong pair broken, haha.

Btw, you goose, don't even JOKE about things like that! I read your blog at night, and posts like that are just dodgy :p Tahu-lah you pharmacy students get stressed more easily than us medical students...

Daphie said...

Eh Sheena, wanna kena izit? Hehe. Back to the old pharm-medic rivalry nampak.

Man, such monsters u created here. Now Sebastian's going around blaming ME, u noe, cause he said I remind him of the pharmacist George, who killed Rex Van de Kamp. Bangang punya budak. =b

Anyway, u noe wat, Sheen, I miss having u ard. I remember I used to bitch to u sometimes abt how insanely busy I am, yadda yadda yadda. Here everyone else also too busy to listen to me whining. Hehe! You noe lah, us COOL pharmacists. At least we hav valid reasons to be stressed, we have to study for EOS, As WeLL as writing up lab reports. Not like u medic ppl, read lecture notes like nerd only. So free..

Daphie said...

Oh.. n btw, this post was due to a call I received from..

...jeng jeng jeng..

My nephew's girlfriend (if u noe who I mean.. HINT: d one who plays guitar n loves to say thank u) I have a feeling that he's a coward and didnt wanna personally call me, so he got Janice (ney.. u met her b4) to do it. They tryin to get us cool ppl to be involved in d next "pagi kopi".

Daphie said...


Like this call fren ah? I msg u at 10 anen u tell me to jump at 12am some more. So bad o! Too much man.. *geleng kepala*

Darren said...

i saw your miss call at 4am...u miss called me at 12.05am... i juz went back to sleep... mann... tired mah... haha... anyway, if anything do happen... i will know it a few days later... cause i got read newspaper mah... so no worries ya.. hahaha.. bad but funny right?