Saturday, April 15, 2006

"On the third day he rose again, in accordance to the Scriptures.."

It's finally here.. the time of the year when blessed candles are lit while the faithful are keeping vigil. The time of the year when a crowd of people beautifully dressed in white get baptised. The time of the year when err.. well, hot cross buns are on sale. Clueless still? Easter eggs.. Easter bunnies.. Ring a bell now?

For Catholics throughout the world, it is the most happening time of the year. After 40 days of abstaining, fasting and alms-giving (theoretically) which reached its climax on Good Friday (the day when Christ was crucified and died 2000+ years ago), Easter is finally here.

But still the question lingers.. I cant help but wonder whether I deserve to partake in this joyous occasion? By my own merits, I think probably not. I mean, it's not like I had a profound Lenten experience or anything. My bad actually. I failed to stick to my seemingly-achievable-back-then resolutions which I made in the beginning of Lent. I just couldn't resist drinking Cola. (Hey Amy, proud of u babe. At least one of us made it thru ;b) Bread and water fast on Fridays? (But I've been invited out for lunch o..) Gossiping (But it's SOO.. funny). And truthfully, I still feel as judgemental as ever.

But I guess that's the beauty of Easter. Specifically, that's the beauty of Christ's death and his resurrection. The darkness around me is brightened by the radiance of the risen Christ. Nope, hope cant be found in the box which Zeus gave to Pandora. Hope could not be found in the stars as well, or in charms, or in 4 leaf clover. Whatever, you name it. Instead, I found hope in Christ and it's a sure thing. It's like having a tower of refuge and strength, it's like having a shelter from the storm. I dont always pretend to be smart (though most of the time I try to make myself look as if I am). Sometimes, there are things I cant explain, or prove for that matter, mostly due to ignorance on my part I guess. Like reasons why I believe in the Blessed Trinity; the fundamental dogma of the Christian religion, which is the unity of three distinct Persons in one God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Or like reasons why the Catholic Church has Seven Sacraments. That's why it's called faith. You dont have to see to believe. It just requires adhering to the truth revealed because of God's authority rather than evidence given, and I quote a line from Nicholas Sparks' A Walk To Remember, "It's like the wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it".

It's getting late, and I'm hititng the sack soon, so I'm winding up here. I just wanna say thank you to the one...

Whose head wore the crown of thorns that bore no dignity.

Whose side was pierced by the lance, from which gushed forth blood and water.

Whose back carried the cross and the sin of mankind.

Whose body was rained with fists and suffered blows.

Whose hands and feet were nailed to the cross, bleeding for you and me.

Who on the third day, rose, triumphant from sin, free from the clutches of death.

"At the wonderful tragic mysterious tree, on that beautiful scandalous night you and me, were adorned by His blood and forever washed white, on that beautiful scandalous night."
- sixpence none the richer & bebo normans -