Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Reminiscing IMU Ball '06

*Phew.. I can finally breath easily and just concentrate on Microbiology exam next Wednesday. Finally finished off my practical exam report. And now.. it's time to blog.*

Who in their right mind would go to a ball without taking pictures?

Certainly.. not moi.

Went to IMU Ball last Saturday at..

After much persuasion from Darren and Di below...

who on one afternoon during lecture break, disrupted my syok-ness of eating Pakcik Amir's kuih and drinking iced nescafe by persuading me and giving me reasons why I should go to the ball. Shoot me until I got nothing to say lagi tu.

So.. with much reluctance, I went. Quite syok also gua. Can take a lot of pictures bah. which was basically what we did the whole night.

Other CSS gooses were too.

Like my mortal Nikki for example..

and Bryan and Desmond and Kathleen and Yoke Yin and Kathleen again (the Sem 3 one) and Kevin and Joseph and Priscilla who went with Sebastian.. erkk.. *silence* Hehe!

Basically, we took a lot more pictures than this, but obviously I cant put everything here, so I just have to make do with these few. =)

501th shots later, we took a final shot of us gatal-ing outside the Mayang Sari ballroom. (Yeah, believe me, pharmacy girls got a lot of attention that night. Muahahaha)

So, what's not to like huh?

Well, my hair for a start. I hated it. Ask Darren and Di, and everyone else around 1 metre radius, I was complaining about it like kabazillion times that night. Why cant I just look like me? You know, like how I normally look like, which I think is more cun than that during the ball? *Narcissism Alert* Heck, I dont need a hairdo like Amber Chia. That hairdresser lady la.

Second, I looked so pink and made up lah. Like I told Di, those stuff they applied on my face made me look like orang minyak only. Hampeh.. But thanks anyway, Kevin dear, for the profuse compliments.

And thirdly, I paid so much to go to this ball and yet they cleared the table so fast that we couldnt really feast on the food like we were supposed to. Like, incompetent. Talk about feeling cheated.

But on the bright side, it wasn't that bad la. Even if I still dont see the logic of people buying dresses that they're gonna use once in their life, or at best, twice. Even if I still think it's rather dumb that you pay an exorbitant price for the ticket but you barely eat for fear of smudging your lipstick and make up. Like I said, despite all that, it wasn't that bad la. Heck, I didnt even have to spend a single dime on dress and accessories. I just wore back my old dress that I used for college graduation.

Besides, I get to hang out with my batchmates. A lot of them met up at my place before leaving, and after the ball itself we went to mamak to eat. Hungry bah. And I got to dance, for what it's worth. Sebastian asked me for a dance, and I was so sakai la of course. Never slow dance with people before bah. We were like dancing and twirling around, I had fun, so, thanks for the great time, Seb. I wish it was Dental F***s though. Haha. *Di, cue to laugh.. now!*

Still can smile at the end of the day.. and that's what counts right?? =)


Darren said...

persuade u? i dunnola.. dunno what i said already.. but i know i ask you to go just to fill up the sits..haha bad right?

-Di- said...

tatz y darren..u memang bad..i was the one doing all the talking..and u got some of the credit of persuading her to go also?!?! -no comments-

Darren said...

Wat the... lanci la.. think you talk everythingla... i do talk a bit too k... apalah.. u stay with her of cuz u persuade her morela..

Darren said...

Oh ya, forgotten to say that you think you SO importantla... must persuade somemore... On second thought, you are more LANCI than Di..haha

Eh,u like pakcik Amir is it? jangan malu la... i like his beard u knwo...

deBBie said...


i almost couldnt recognize you in the pics....u look GREAT!!
hmm ...u should do the earings n hair pinned-up thing more often in uni larr;)