Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And I thought I'll be relieved from my royal duties!

But turns out that I still have to stick to the picking-up-bro routine. Haha, so much for wanting to laze around reading and watching CSI the whole day. But at least, I guess, I dont have to wake up at 6 now to send him to skool, now that Dad's back.

My parents and nanna just came back last night from Italy. Earlier by a day. I'm glad; this past one week that I've been playing head of the household, it certainly is not an easy job. In case it's not obvious yet, I kinda dislike the picking up part. The waiting drives me crazy, since I have to come earlier to get a good picking-up spot. Makes me see my dad in a different light. He's been faithfully sending and picking us up from school and tuition every single day and night (we kids were tuition freaks) for the past hmm.. well.. almost a decade. It was trying enough having to handle my brother this past one week. Wonder how they put up with all 3 of us when sister and I were still at home. I know for sure that I wasnt an easy one, me being a bit rebellious before and all.

Got me thinking I guess, it's not easy raising a family, it's not easy being an authoritative figure. I realise too that my siblings are totally dependent on me, and in a sense, I feel like I'm my dad's .. what's that term again.. righthand man? I mean, my dad treats me and my sister in a totally different way (almost). My sis is quite manja, and my dad manjakan her a lot too I guess. My parents treat me more like an adult now, which is not that surprising la, considering the facts that I will be 20 in a few months, and of course, I am the firstborn. But then again, my sister is only a year younger... bah. I feel my parents' expectations for(?) me is considerably higher of late. There are a lot of things, responsibilities that have been entrusted to me. My dad makes sure I learn almost everything there is to know about being an adult. Haha, that's what I think at least. It's just a weird feeling, you know. It's like having a role conflict. I have always associated home with comfort, and being able to be dependent on parents. This has obviously changed over these 3 years, but I'm not saying that it's a change for the worse la, of course. Though I admit, I think some of my dad's expectations are absurd; like being expected to know how to fix a dysfunctional electrical appliances at home, or a broken tap. I mean, why me? My mum doesnt even know how to do that. Some times I feel like I am my father's daughter, as well as my father's son. Disclaimer: Again, I'm not saying that in a bad, disgruntled way. =)


My mum came back yesterday and showed off her brand new leather handbag from Venice. She was like asking for my opinion, and being diplomatic, of course I gushed about how gorgeous it is. Haha. Kidding. It really is a nice bag. But what really piqued my interest was her designer perfume that my dad bought for her as a Mother's Day gift; which is so wow! Normally not a sucker for perfumes, but this is different. I've never seen it for sale anywhere, so I guess that's why I tidak tahu-menahu about its existence. Googled it up today, Chopard Infinement, but mostly all the links I got were in French. It really has an exquisite scent, I keep on smelling my wrist the whole day. Haha. Definitely top in my wish list, and that is a very big hint. Hope my dad reads this particular post. Haha. Mum said I could get it, provided I finish off my current one. And that's gonna take sooo.. long. =/

See ya, folks. Off to cook dinner (like for real, Di!). My parents will be back late from work today, I guess they have a lot of catching up to do.

Till my next probably-insipid post, muakss.