Sunday, May 14, 2006

Said the apek jual pokok bunga outside Sing Kwong Supermarket just now... because the slip-on shoes that I was wearing conveniently rosak there and then, and I was trying to drag them back to the car. It was quite hilarious actually. People noticed it anyway, no thanks to the "clack clack" sound the shoes were making as I walked, so.. what the heck. I shrugged, took them off and walked barefoot towards the car, to be exact, my dad's BMW that I was driving. Truthfully, it wasnt that embarrassing. I mean, no one that I knew was around, and Dental Floss wasnt there. It could be worse. Like, for example, it would have been worse if the shoes tertanggal during mass in church just now. Now that would have been embarrassing. Imagine walking towards the altar for Holy Communion without shoes on, with all the aunties and uncles and friends who've known you all your life gawking at you.. uh.. ah.. feet.

"Dreba BMW, selipar jaik. Ci.." - Gavin Man (nvm if u dun get that)

Speaking of Dental Floss, I was in Medan Jaya yesterday, when I saw someone who looked like him. I did a double take, and then realised that.. nah.. cant be, cause Dental Floss is in KL right now. ^-^ As for me, I've been back home for almost a week now, and I have officially become Mr Gavin Man's private chauffeur and cook. Sheesh. U know what's worse than a 15 year old younger brother? A bossy 15 year old younger brother. His requests are never ending, he drives me nuts sometimes. "Drive me here", "drive me there". "I wanna eat this", "I wanna eat that". Lucky lad. Manipulative, lays the guilt trap on me if I dont do what he says. Sheesh. (Di, what have u got me into? "Sheesh" is one of the most over-used words in my vocabulary now!)

Anyway, it's nice being home in Bintulu again, and it's been a nice week, I guess, in case you're wondering and dying to know what I've been up to. I've been watching a lot of House, Desperate Housewives and CSI, thanks to Thai Yiung. And I still have 2 seasons of Grey's Anatomy to go. =) I've been trying to continue my domestic-goddess-wannabe thingy from where I left off in KL (Di and I have been into cooking wholesome meals the last few weeks of Sem 3), cooking stuff for my bro, and trust me, he is quite the critical food critic. Next on my list will be making apple crumble and honeycomb cheesecake, hopefully it'll turn out ok. And, in case you didnt know, you goose you (the CSS goose that haven been to my place for a long while), Tribal House now has an additional cool stuff to entertain ourselves with; I bought an oven! *Grinning from ear to ear* We really should have a cook-out sometimes.

Oh, and I havent been blogging because I was busy preparing for my EOS exams, which hopefully, hopefully will turn out ok. Results will be out next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and I wouldnt mind some prayers people. Oh.. and belated thanks to the angels God sent my way during my exam week.

who came and did a pray-over just before my first paper. It was really nice having you guys supporting and reassuring me. Really meant a lot to me, so *hint hint*, hope to see u guys there again for my next major exam.

And also for the well-wishers: Adrian, Michiebun, Yoke Yin, Jo, Diana, Kat etc.

And finally, special thanks to the people who fed me stuff the few days leading towards the exam; Ben, Jeremy and Paul, for the cincau, the yummy Alison's bread, the apple crumble cheesecake, the kuay teow, the fishballs etc. Oh.. and thanks for the constant nagging too. Sucks, but much needed. Thank you (NOT!) for going out shopping and having midnight swims without me. Like, so not a party without ME! Bet you guys missed me cos I wasnt there. Haha.

Love to talk more now that the words are flowing, but gotta go cos Mr High and Mighty's gotta do his Form 3 History project. Heheh. I shall be off, gloating about the fact that I get "Daphne, you're back. You look so pretty" all the time from the aunties in church. Or the fact that the younger girls will be like rushing towards me, with a I've-missed-you hug, and touching my hair all. I.. Am.. So.. Popular.. *E-o.. e-o.. Narcissism alert* Muahahaha.

Signing off, from the desk of the genius Daphne Faustina. xox


-Di- said...

My beloved 'siow' n 'perasan giler' housemate, you finally updated your blog!! Which slipper was bata? Haven't went to Nose yet to look for your shoe. Will go on the day our results is out. *Keep your fingers crossed there's stock & size left* Oh man, even when u're back home also you can't stop thinking about Dental Floss??!! Somemore dare to say I'm the one who's crazy over him, look who's the one imagining and seeing him all over Bintulu. Sheesh. Wah, looks like I have a big impact on you ah (cos I'm sooo cool), what's with u saying 'Sheesh' all. Muahaha. Not bad. So looks like u're enjoying being a undomestic goddess back home, make sure you continue being one in Sem 4 k. Must make good use of your oven-i want cake-! Honeycomb cake all, bake some n bring for me le, I dunno what the heck is that. Haha. I'm more ulu than u in that sense. Ok la Miss "I'm-so-famous", don't miss me too much ok! Enjoy your holidays by being a good housekeeper-nanny-driver. Adios!

Anonymous said...

aiyooo SUCH a narcissim-filled BLOG. u goose!
By the way, I was in SFX last last Palm Sunday and my slipper koyak right before the procession around the church..

Anonymous said...

oh tat was me, mich...

Daphie said...

dear fans, =b

hi di!

no la.. not my pink bata, tat one is still as cool as ever. d one rosak is my sister's white slip-ons, which i found somewhere in my storeroom at home. haha. SO learnt my lesson. never gonna use ppl's shoes ever again. remember d time i curi ur nose slipper? i freaking slipped in front of the guardhouse. how embarrassing! and like, excuse me, i dun go ard thinking of tat dental floss k. it's just tat i saw someone tall like him, so.. heheh. pls pls pls remember to get my shoes k? thank you! in d meantime, dun eat too much. update me if got some juicy stuff. lol.

love, daf

Daphie said...


hi, teacher!

still cant get over d fact tat u're one now. my bro asked me to explain more abt d menstrual cycle tat day, and i almost died. he's in form 3. i mean, everything in their textbook is truncated and all u noe. seems so easy peasy to me n i dun understand how come he still find it confusing. i bet if return to form 3, i'll get 100% for every subject. LOL.

oh well, i know. getting more perasan by d day. it's definitely spreading like wild fire. even thai yiung is quite a sarcastic fellow now, and it's quite funny to hear, what's with his kadazan/chinese accent all. hihi.

mich, we miss u! and, yeah, i remember tat incident. i mean, i remember how they used to talk abt getting upset cos jer teased u abt ur slipper. u were walking ard barefoot rite? =b sorry i cant make it to ur convo, mich. would have been a blast. anyway, we'll see u again for sure before u go off. till then, take care. God bless, dear! muaks.

Darren said...

eh, y u suddenly gila posting?? dun blame ur bro... n treat ur bro n ur friends good too... yeah... i saw u slipped right at the guard funnyla..not embarassing at all... happyholsya dental floss freak..

Daphie said...

darren!! i want present from oz! buy me sumthing eh. yeah right, as if u really saw me. i fell tat day during study break, and u werent in uni tat day. unless of course, u were eagerly watching my every move from B2-12-6 balcony. =b but on 2nd thought, maybe u were watching akmal right..........


sien ma, nothing to do so blog la. i noe u happy le read my posts. take care, dude. see ya!

Daphie said...

oh.. and well, u hav a sister! try having a bro like di and i.

Daphie said...

mr wang.. ada wang tak?

-Di- said...

haha..daf..that 'wang' joke is lame k!

Darren said...

dun blame ur brola... its juz tat u treat ur bro badly only...haha... learn how to take care of bro now... these skills r needed in order to take care ur own kids next time..haha

wat ada wang??

tats lame... haha jaga bro till siao ady..