Saturday, June 10, 2006


Oh dear.. I have managed to land myself in hot water.

The thing is, I dont understand why I did what I did. Now I'm dreading the moment that I have to turn on my mobile. Seriously.

The thing is, it's not personal ya. God knows how many people that I've yet to reply to this past one week. Including Iggy, who needs urgent opinion on our latest project. The thing is, one particular friend of mine took it personally, and the guilt that I've been feeling, it sucks.

So, I turned off my handphone to avoid "contact with the outside world", in an attempt to make my last week at home peaceful, no biggie... right? So, what.. am I wrong here or what? I think I am, but then again, maybe I'm not. I'm trying to justify my action but the guilt is nagging, like mad.

You dont understand what I'm talking about right? Good, you dont need to. Just need to um... vent that's all. Now, I'm off to do some apologising.. Wish me luck!