Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm a year older today, but not any wiser. I look normal, I feel normal. In fact, I feel a wee bit crappy: had to get up early for class and no thanks to the staying up til late bit. But I like 20, 20's good. 19 is so alang-alang. As of today, no one can call me ser kia, small kid any longer. Haha.

"Daphne, you're a woman now." - Jason (Sheesh, and I thought only mothers will say that. =b)

I had a rough evening yesterday though. My head continued to hurt despite a nap, and maybe the fact that I didnt eat anything since morning aggravates the condition. (Michiebun, aggravates means making something worse.) Michiebun and Amy were bantering and throwing sarcastic remarks (bimbos!) as usual. No, that didnt help either. Then I decided to eat, and asked them if they wanna eat mee goreng as well, and they declined. But then hoh, when I just wanted to start eating, the buggers decided to try some of the mee and all. That was ok, it's just that they were like deliberately slow. Too much man. Have compassion la on a poor soul. Little did I know what they had in store for me.

Much later, I was a bit nostalgic and was listening to this one romantic Iban song, and rambling away to Amy, who (I belatedly realised) was distracted. As I was talking and looking at the screen, she opened the door and suddenly there was a birthday song. Truthfully, I wasnt that surprised to hear people singing. Earlier, I thought it was possible of course that the boys might come and see me or give me a surprise or something at the stroke of midnight. What I didnt expect when I turned around and looked at the door was the fact that a number of them came. Even Thinesh was there. And I was especially happy and at the same time touched that Thai Yiung came as well, despite it still being his exam week, knowing how really stressed he is. I had fun smearing cream on everyone's faces. I mean, how often do you get to do that right? Anyway, thank you for making it a memorable and special one and thanks for the gifts. I now have those purple IKEA photo frames that I was lusting after! And by the way, boys, Amy and I saw u buying the chokers that day. Suspiciously secretive all. Thanks too, Di! Ya ya, now I have to say you're like the coolest housemate ever, right? *Grins*

Anyway, I was amused and anticipating the arrival of messages that usually arrive at midnight. Yi Jie, this year you won. Yours was the first one. LOL. That being said, thank you to the rest of my P105 batchmates for the wishes. Thank you too, to the old friends who still remember. Mi amor sekalian, makseh. Rindu juak teringat masa kita slalu makan kepsi agik dolok dolok. Torang duak tetap di hati. Haha. Thank you too, to the charming ex, for sending me the message that brought a great big smile; "To my super ex gf, happy 20th bday." I was waiting for your sms. Would have made you pay if you have forgotten. =)

Dad and Rica coming over tonight. Perfect timing. Now I can get more presents. Whee!


smoochiesayn said...


wanna wish u happy birthday again

and refering back to ur previous few post, bila ko mok join AF5? AFUNDI daph!!! One In a Million ka? or maybe Msian Idol? haha..

take care n till then..


Daphie said...

Maok juak rasa, tapi kelak mun aku join kelak grenti kalah semua dak nok lain. Haha. Oh.. riya aku agak the Curve. Ada aku nangga buah ati ko ya, Daniel Msian Idol. Ko minat nya nak? And.. and... Aku ada nangga Alex Jukie juak kat sigek gereja kat KL riya. Fuiyo, kacak sial, Sayn. Pakei spek hitam gitu. LOL.

Take care, mi amor. Tata.

Sheena said...


My memory is horrible, so forgive me. Even if not because you love me, but because the bible says so :P

ANYWAY, may God continue to be your source of strength & comfort, and know that He loves you, and SO DO I! *hug!*

Daphie said...

Uh-huh.. And I was like "Hermm.. What happened to the seniors who once *professed their undying love* for me?" Muahaha. Jeremy and Vasan remembered ok. But then again, I do remember that you are quite an old one, so... Hehe. Anyway, thanks a lot, Sheen. Selamat membancuh kopi!


MicHieBuN said...

aHHHHHHHHHH.... i dun like the thing u said bout me n ameliaaaaaa......hehehhe... so we AGGRAVATE ur headache... u c rite no other medicine cud hav helped either than us... after 12..ur headache was gone..why..coz of US...muahahha..uke i noe wad is aggravate... but u future those definition wud still help alot hehe..

smoochiesayn said...

daniel.. buah hati lamak nya... kaka..

alex jukie? norman jukie kenal la aku. u mean his brother rite? come to think of it, rasanya aku sik pernah jumpa abang nya.. kekeke