Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In case you've been wondering, I havent been idle, or having a writer's block. It's just that I hardly go online nowadays, so I just keep everything in my journal, tucked away safely in one of the folders in my notebook. =)

I just read an email from my old college buddy and housemate, SJ. We were real tight back in Perth. Shocking. That Kuching lai eh chabo is now dating this Greek guy from Sydney. Happening wei. Haha, that guy will have a handful. She's like the liveliest girl ever. Throwing out all the Hokkien words at whoever, and I distinctly remember "kanasai" and "hamik taiji?" as her favourites. By the end of that year, everyone who have known her started to use the Hokkien lingo as well, tak kira those from mainland China ka, Hong Kong ka, Indonesian ka, ang mo ka. It was hilarious. Yup, definitely a madwoman. I miss her.