Tuesday, July 04, 2006

We were invited to Diana's and David's place last night for dinner. No, not my housemate Diana, my other Diana, Ahaoiza Diana, the Princess (she likes to think she's royalty). The whole of CSS was invited but the boys wanted to study for their exams this Friday, so only Nikki, Jamie, Amy and Jem went. Oh, and of course, there's me. It's been awhile since I went to anyone's house for a nice family dinner. I was enjoying myself, alomost forgetting the reason we were all there in the first place. Almost forgetting that is, until I see their late grandpa's potrait in the living room, in front of this huge crucifix, with candles lit on each side of the potrait, with bouquets of flowers, and a single rosary lying in front of it. It was a younger version of Diana's grandpa, he must have been in his late 20's or early 30's. His head was slightly tilted at an angle that reminds me of James Bond. No kidding. He was in a tux after all. =)

It was the first time I met Diana's family, since I didnt go for the funeral last week. By family, I mean, her grandma and her mom. Diana's dad and her brothers were still in Nigeria. As I entered the house, and looked at the pictures hanging on the wall, the first thought that came to mind was u noe what, that it's like a romantic fairy tale. Dont ask me why, just felt that way. I lost my grandpa too when I was 12. I wasnt that close to him, he kinda like lost his mind with grief when my grandma died long before I was born, so normal conversations with him sometimes werent really an option. I mean, I didnt really know what he's really like inside, his personality. Yet still, I felt the pain of his passing. So, I cant even begin to imagine how Diana and David must be feeling. After all, they've been staying with their grandparents these past few years. I had a private moment with her in the kitchen yesterday. She was telling me how it all happened, and how's her family doing. I guess it's true that the reality hasnt sink in yet, they've been so busy with funeral arrangements to feel anything. She told me her grandma is the one who's going to hurt the most, they were married for 51 years. David's going to leave for Canada for PMS in another 2-3 weeks, and their mom's going back to Nigeria in 2 weeks. That leaves only Diana and her grandma alone in the house, and of course, with the adorable dogs, Nicky and Kissy.

I guess I'm writing about them because I've been thinking about them a lot since last week. I just hope that they'll be okay, for David and Diana especially, they're having exams next week.

It truly would have been a normal visit...


xandra said...

hey.. how you doing?? just wanna say hi.. hehe.. i'm on holidays now so i guess won't be seeing you guys for abit.. gonna miss ya'll..God bless!!