Wednesday, August 02, 2006

DISCLAIMER: This is not me being vain again. This is for Vasan who requested to see my (not-so) new hair.

A lot of things happened recently, it's just that I dont have any time to blog about them.

We sort of had a tiff with this girl in our batch just a few days ago. I always thought she was nice, and I have always pitied her when she comes up in front of the class, and she talks, and no one would be listening, but I'll be there listening. I know how it's like to not be heard and paid attention to, not that it happened to me too, just that, I can imagine how embarrassing that can be. Anyway, my point is, I thought she was okay, albeit lacking in charisma maybe. So, when the thing happened, oh boy, you could imagine how disappointed I was at how things turned out.

I was disappointed, and am disappointed that things had to be this way. At the risk of sounding mengade and ngegeh, I've never been in the position where I am not liked by people. Not ever I suppose. I never give people, specifically my classmates and colleagues, cause to be angry or displeased I suppose. And to think that it's all because of a few measly ringgits and potatoes!! How stupid is that? Then again, there are cases in history where people do worse for even lesser reasons/causes.

I do understand her displeasure. The fruits that we brought did look a bit sucky. But then, at the end of the day, no one cared. Everyone was full and eat to their hearts' content, so why make a big deal out of it? It's over and done with, and to bring it up again will be uncomfortable for both parties, she did a great job, so who cares? I find it curious that it is SO hard for her to understand that the point was, and never is the money. And I find it curious too that she strives to make us feel bad about the whole affair, and saying that she understands at the same time.

Some people are just insane. Why cant she just let it go? But I have to say, she has got guts. But too bad, so do we. She, without any dispute, wins the B title. Hands down. Kedak talam dua muka. Eksen jak bait, klaka jak manis, but underlying ya ada sarcasm. Mun ngegeh ngegeh ya, just jelas jelas jak la. Tok sik. Kedak confused jak. Tsk.. tsk.. Sik terkata alu kegeraman aku terhadap ompuan tok.

I have to go. Prof Yeoh's lecture starting real soon. Sigh... I would love to bitch more.

Miss Finding-It-Hard-To-Guard-Her-Mind


JeMbOrEe said...

Hey.. who's that person beside Diana.. :P

Daphie said...

which one? u mean that pretty iban girl? oh.. that's ME. i know, i look better by the day. *doing the muscle spasm thingy*

JeMbOrEe said...

U mean that's a girl??? *faint*