Saturday, October 07, 2006

Freedom feels good. Went out to Bukit Bintang to makan makan and watch movie. We watched Rob-B-Hood, which come to think of it, sounds rather lame and inspires some form of skepticism, whether it's worth watching or not. But I was nicely surprised. The Cantonese movie was really good, a lot of laughters, and also the crucial cry factor. The baby inside was super cute too, so you basically can hear the general audience ooh-ing and aah-ing.

Anyway... went to Jalan Alor after that with Jer who belatedly joined us. Went to the pork ball noodle shop that Michelle loved so much.

It's kinda weird. The places that I go to in KL never change, only my companions change. I've started to learn how to make new memories, but I have to say it's still kinda hard sometimes. I'll be leaving IMU in 6 months time (Godwilling!!), and soon I'll be just like the others who have left before.

One (academic) year gone, and maybe I've changed. (Pardon me, I like to talk about change. It's the only thing I seem to know well) I filled in the rather big shoes that the seniors left, I've become the motherhen to them gooses. I've learned to keep my emotions in check. I've learned to trust those around me. I've learned to let go of him when the odds are all stacked up against me. I've learned to speak out and get out of my comfort zone. I've also made new friends, but one thing I havent quite mastered yet is the art of coping after losing a friend. Not lose as in dead-lose, but gone away-lose. Hmmm.. Let me paraphrase that; the art of coping after your friend is no longer around. There are some people that I still miss sorely, eventhough they're still around, I dont see them as much as I used to. Shing.. I miss my giraffe. Sometimes I do wonder why am I the only one affected, sedangkan they do move on well without me. Ah.. I'm pelik kan?

Daniel left for Perth on Wednesday, and now I'm trying to adjust myself to the absence of a good kaki borak. My brother's quite buddy buddy with him too, so my guess is, my bro's gonna miss him not being around anymore too. So no more late night calls of crapping and laughing for me.

Sigh!! Everyone's leaving me..

Oh.. an old flame has appeared back in my life.. and now I'm like.. what the??! I. Dont. Like. Dodgy. Games.

DISCLAIMER: The elevator story is partly a work of fiction. The incident is real, but the feelings are unfortunately not like that. Was just frustrated revising for Health Promotion.

xox, Dap - wondering what to do next week in this place -


smoochiesayn said...
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smoochiesayn said...

oopsie, post removed due to typo error :P

i was in bukit bintang as well eh tat day. sikda jodoh eh!

but i was in lowyat in the evening time lah :P