Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I missed my own Potter and Clay graduation. *Shing!* Worst part is, Fr. Simon was there too, along with every one else. I like Fr. Simon, he's one-of-a-kind funny. Oh well...........

I'm in my last week of semester break. Will be starting Sem 5 next Monday. Kinda psyched to go back to skool I suppose, but I'm a bit wary of what Sem 5 brings, and I'm not talking about the studying bit alone. One more painful thing to do before my IMU life ends. I tried to get out of being the convomag editor last semester, but the person I talked to gave me no definite answer. I know it seems irreponsible maybe to pull out of the job, but I have a feeling that if I go on with it, my grades will suffer. How do I know? Because as it is, I have been suffering, and the convomag thingy was not even in the picture yet then. I wouldnt be able to cope, and I'm not exaggerating. In any other situations, I wouldnt mind doing my bit for my batch. But this I cannot do. If I have to stay on the convomag committee, I will hate every minute of it, and I will do it grudgingly ---> blah-looking convomag. Dear fellow P105-ans, if you're reading this, could you help plead for my cause? Haha. But seriously, do so. What should I do? I want out! Do I talk to her again? Do I find a sub?

Unpleasant thoughts aside, it's been a relatively fruitful holiday here at home. Sorted out some mess, did a minor bedroom makeover, got up and about, cut some flowers from the garden and put them in the vase. Cooked some. I even marked my mum's Sunday School exam papers, on the Gospel of St. Matthew (sounds cool eh?). Watched a lot of Discovery and Nat. Geo. stuff (nothing good on the movie channels). Discovered a lot of old letters, 95% of them were from my then BFF, also known in IMU as THE Nurse (by virtue of being the only nursing student in CSS), also known as Priscilla Regina Wong Shih Hsien. I say "then BFF", not because we're enemies now, just that I dunno where we stand with each other now. Anyway, the letters are hilarious. We wrote to each other about an amazing range of things. I miss those times. I guess I did a lot of reminiscing this time around.

Oh, one last thing! How can I forget? One of the most exciting thing in the town of Bintulu happened yesterday! The new Sing Kwong (supermarket and department store) opened and began operating yesterday. For lack of anything better to do, my dad, bro and I went there to check out the new place, along with almost everybody else in Bintulu (my mum was at the Fonseka's for their wedding anniversary). The whole place was packed! Unfortunately, it was nothing like their extravagant claim of "A New Shopping Experience". It has basically the same layout as the old one in Tanjung Batu, still not as organised and impressive. You would think that they've learned from previous mistakes and improve. The aisles are still as narrow, and the items location arent exactly ideal. Fast flowing items should be placed near the entrance, the slower ones further inside. Sabun should be put together with the rest of toiletries and cosmetics stuff. You'll know what I mean if you go there. Pendek kata, it's still a memeningkan-kepala kind of shopping experience. Farley, is still the best. A round of applause, oi orang2 Bintulu.

HIGHLIGHT: Michelle called me from Dundee on Sunday.

Anyway, to the IMU's (ee-mus =b), specifically the CSS gooses, I'll be back this Saturday evening. See ya!!!!

p/s: The only reason I'm updating today is because I cant sleep anymore and there's nothing good on TV and I'm bored of playing GTA.