Thursday, November 23, 2006

Post-Geram Post

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I led my friend to believe that I'm angry with her today.

Hehe. I just spent 1.5 hours frantically researching for tomorrow's Bible Study on Advent, only to find out from Jem that it's cancelled and replaced with rosary session instead. Amy was supposed to inform me of the change yesterday but she forgot, so as u can imagine, she's feeling really guilty right now. Nevermind, I'll keep her squirming for another while more, later only I reply her texts la. Thanks for the cheer-up ice cream with M&M's, Jem!

It's so fun to lay the guilt trip on people. I worked so hard to prepare 'kay!

Anyway, I just saw a really gross picture in one of those forwarded mails. Normally I dont bother, but since it was from my sister, I thought I'd open it. Then mana tau it was one of those pictures that really really grossed me out. I'm not talking about some scary gory images. It was about this underwear/bra thing with ulats and all that. The mail has that breast picture with pores filled with ulat. I hate pores stuff!! Something about them just gives me the chill. I cant even stand the sight of pollens under the microscope. Gross spongy pores! Argghh!!! *goosebumps*

I talked to my assistant editor on Wednesday, but she's still not willing to let me go off the committee. Again, my attempts to get out failed. She told me of her concerns and other obligations as well, which I totally understand. I'm not the only with other obligations. We reached a compromise though, and Godwilling, we're planning to gather and compile the articles and pictures and send them off for publishing before Christmas break. We have a total of about 25 people now who's working on this convomag and organise fund-raising activities. I found myself a little bit touched and inspired today by the rest who are really all out to make this work. With such capable people by my side, it wont be too hard right?



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