Monday, November 20, 2006

Paul: So.. how was your holiday(s?)?

-me-: Too short la. Wish it was longer la.

Paul: Oh.. But you have two more days until your sem starts right?

-me-: *gives him one kind look* Err no, what do you mean?

Paul: But I thought Cherie told me that you guys'll only start on Wednesday?

-me-: Really?! *sweat**Took phone, furiously scroll down to read sms* Oh, ya hoh! All along I thought we're starting tomorrow!

Hah. I'm bad at this writing dialogues thingy. Point is, I didnt read the circulating msg properly. If Paul didnt tell me, I bet I would have been the only idiot who wakes up early and come to uni today, expecting our lectures to start.

So anyway, the night's been quite unbelieveable in some ways. For one, Pris and I went up to Nikki's place with a few slices of carrot cake n cheesecake, and the three of us spent the next 2 hours talking, drinking (English breakfast) tea, painting nails and watch Scrubs. That was nice and rather surreal, considering the fact that Nikki and I arent really hang-out buddies. Perhaps one thing I learned this weekend is that I'm not alone in my loneliness. You know how much I gush about missing the seniors and all that right? I realize that I'm lucky in the sense that even when they're gone, I still have Amy. Nik probably felt lonelier than I did after they left. Made me feel rather guilty in a way, for not checking up on her enough now that Michelle and Jer not around for her to talk to. I'm glad I went to see her today.

When I got back and went on MSN, I found myself agreeing to go out for a movie next weekend with Sayn and Khadafi, dear friends from secondary school. That was unbelieveable because I dont do secondary school. Hardly been in touch with anyone except Pris, and that's because she's here.

Apart from that, I also managed to get myself somehow involved in this year's carolling, one of the CSS-CF(Christmas Fellowship) joint Christmas activities. Rather exciting I must say, except the fact that it's only 2 weeks away! Oh, I got myself somehow involved bkos Pris volunteered to be project manager, so naturally, I would have to help her.

Bla bla bla..

Yadda yadda yadda..

I'm just bored, that's why I'm blogging, cant you tell?

Ooh.. I know what to talk about next. We went to watch Casino Royale yesterday. Okay, I take back whatever I said about Daniel Craig (which wasnt very nice and judgemental in nature). =b I thought he was brilliant. I went just for the sake of watching a movie, but I left impressed. I'm not a Bond fan, though I've watched a few Bond movies before. But I must say, this is the first Bond movie that actually left me with impressions. Pierce Brosnan may be better looking, but he's not as ying as Daniel Craig.

Good books I've read over the hols:
Philip Yancey's "The Jesus I Never Knew" (Thanks for the recommendation, Celestine!)
Dorothy Koomson "My Best Friend's Girl"

Song I've been listening to:
Samsons "Kenangan Terindah"


Daphie said...

CF = CHRISTIAN Fellowship

Sheena said...

Joint activities with CF??!



And don't tell me I've never recommended you any Philip Yanceys :P

Goose, text me, can? I don't have anyone's numbers, not even my beloved Paul's ;)


Daphie said...

YUP! Like finally right? Joint activities with CF. Also invited a couple of other clubs n societies to open stalls for the Christmas Week food fair. Exciting le? Hehe.

You have never recommended me any Philip Yanceys la ba. You only said you love his books. On the other hand, I specifically asked Celestine what good book did he read so far. And he mentioned that particular book. Uek. =b Saja cari gaduh with u.

"Sheena, I profess my undying love to you..."

Ekeke. Oh my do I have some hot news for you about the guy in your dreams. I'll text you abt it for sure! I talked to Mich on MSN the other day and she gave me your number and I text u. Tapi number ya lain pun, u changed number ka?

Oi, go update your blog la ba. Dont just blog in the M203 blog. =)

Miss you lots. Take care, dear!