Monday, December 04, 2006

All That's Well Ends Well

Last week..

I was so burned out fulfilling my obligations.

I had insufficient sleep.

I saw Pris got angry for the first time about doing work for the society.

I learned the second voices for 5 Christmas songs in 1 hour. Not easy le.

I celebrated 3 people's birthday - Thai Yiung, Sebastian n Paul.

I baked Paul an apple crumble for his birthday, and he said it was very nice. Just found out Mustaqim ate it too. Mustaqim has a cute smile. *Gushes*

I met Paul's girlfriend for the first time. =) *banyaknya abt Paul. this is getting weird*

I went out for Sunday dinner at Manhattan Fish Market with Jeremy Robert (not Roberts ppl!) and Nikki. I'm recording this event because dinner was on him. =)

I also had an unneccessary misunderstanding with Jeremy Nunis. We kinda had a cold war during dinner on Saturday because of that. I thought he was mad at me for not going to St Jerome's on Sunday. He didnt reply my msg ba, but he replied Pris' twice, what was I supposed to think ba kan? Turns out he wasnt angry after all, just forgot to reply, in a bid to send a carefully worded text.

Nevertheless, that was the hardest blow to the friendship so far. But like they say, what doesnt break you makes you stronger. I finally realised something over the weekend - that Jem and I are similar in ways more than one. After dinner, we had a talk, with Nikki and Ben present to be referees should the occasion arises. I didnt dare to say much at first - I was still feeling kinda defensive. He began to talk, and for the first time, I could see through his seemingly quiet anger and garang appearance, and see the frustration that he's been feeling for the last 1.5 months since he became the new CSS president. At that moment, I see so much of myself in him that it's freaky. I used to worry excessively about CSS, I could not NOT worry about what people think of CSS, I felt like I was the only one doing the work, I didnt want to overwork my committee members. In his words, I felt like the nucleus. The only exception is that, back when I was the nucleus, I had some decent mitochondrions and other organelles to work with (In Amy's words... technically speaking) He felt like he has a few.

Anyway, point is, I talked to him about his worries that night, something I should have done much earlier. I feel like I understand him more now, and I can see and accept why he's been behaving seemingly out of character lately. I guess different people handles stress differently. I wish I could tell him that the worries will stop eventually, but I couldnt, knowing firsthand that worry-warts like us will never stop worrying about something. So, my best piece of advice is, eventhough it's been said many times before, is to pray, unceasingly.

After all's been said and done, Im glad its finally resolved. It's been most unpleasant trying to endure each other's barbed comments these past 2 months.


p/s: U noe wat else we have in common? His P&C facilitator is tying the knot with MY facilitator. After 4 years of courtship, he finally proposed!