Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I think the girl in black's cute. Looked kinda Japanese

See.. Apple crumble topped with whipped cream n grapes (dun like cherries)

Xandra making chocolate banana toast

Christmas Week's finally over, and I could breathe a small sigh of relief. Our CSS stall managed to raise RM460 clean profit during the Christmas Food Fair last week. We exceeded the RM250 target that Student Affairs set for each stall, but I somehow felt a bit disappointed that CSS didnt get more. After all, we did have a laku stall, and sold out almost everything. But, looking back, we did everything we could for maximum profit. Everyone had fun, so I guess it's okay. IMU managed to raise a total of a little over 5K for the St Jerome's kids that day.

It was amazing that we could get things going that day, considering the fact that we didnt have enough manpower. I was really thankful for the various contributions: Desmond's mum for her sold-out-in-less-than-one-hour chocolate mousse and her yummy noodles, Puvesh's mum for her fab chocolate n lemon cakes, Sr Teoh for her also sold-out-within-less-than-one-hour kuih batik. Ahem.. yours truly and partner in crime, Pris baked 8 apple crumbles which were also selling fast. Now everyone's asking for recipes! For that, I have only Sheena's apple crumble post back in January(?) to thank for. =)