Monday, December 18, 2006

This post is solely for the benefit of menjeleskan those who are away on hols and those who couldnt make it to our early Christmas dinner last Sunday evening.

Pris mommy's here for a few days and has invited us for dinner at their apartment. I, being Priscilla's sidekick, was to help in the food preparation again. Thai Yiung and I were there the whole day, helping her mom out. It was really fun, because it felt like a cooking class (her mum gives cooking classes and she's a great cook n baker). I made what I call Chinese lasagna. It was scary at first, because she told me to put whatever seasonings I want to make it nice. Takut not nice, and in the first place, I have no idea what it's supposed to taste like. But it turned out quite ok.. though I could improve. =)

Then Thai Yiung, Ben and I made mango pudding, which was yummy. And we also made our pineapple pie for the first time. Decorating the pie with strips of dough was fun. I made one in the shape of a star. =) Felt like a kid in one of those parties where u can make ur own gingerbread man. The best part is, the pineapple tart/pie was yummy. And I can predict that for the next few months, Paul's gonna come to my place on a regular basis to bake the pie. (He's been coming quite often to bake apple crumble.)

Evening finally came. Despite minor glitches, like drinks not ready yet, not enuff cutleries and plates, siu mai belum panaskan yet, the night went on smoothly.

We ate so much till we cant sing our Christmas songs properly. Gasping for air. LOL.

Then we opened our Christmas presents. We had this gift exchange thingy, where each person who's coming to the party was supposed to pick up a name randomly, keep the name to himself, and buy a gift for the person whose name he picked. Drawing lots like that bah. (I'm bad in explaining stuff) Then show up at Pris doorstep n put the gift under the Christmas tree.

The secrecy didnt work out though. CSS people, I reckon cant keep secrets from each other. Like the time when Paul got together with Kher Dee, within 2 days, everyone knew they're an item, even those who are away in PMS overseas, or who's away home for hols. So kepo. Haha. So basically most people knew who's buying for who.

I still managed to get a pleasant surprise though. I mysteriously got 2 Christmas presents - one was from my designated gift buyer, Eunice. But another one came with a card and simply said "Daphne Faustina". Now, not a lot of people knows my confirmation name. Even if they do, they dont normally address me like that. I looked closer, and it was a familiar handwriting. It was from Priscilla! Apparently, she got me something too, this hair clip with purple studs and flowers, which I was eye-ing just on Saturday when we were at the Curve. Bless her heart, she made my day. We were so busy looking for presents for everyone else that I didnt think that she would get me one too. And it's purple too. =)

Oh.. And I finally got someone a great gift this time around, if I may say so myself. =) I am normally bad in getting people gifts, but I got Nikki this gorgeous bronze-ish bracelet with dark green diamante/studs/whatever u call it. She loves it. Now I know the trick: Buy something that you would buy for yourself. Michiebun, now u noe why your bracelet is purple. =b

We stayed back at Pris house long after everything's over. Stoning.. some were singing softly and playing the guitar.. some were talking.. some were quizzing each other about treatment of hypertension and various studies-related stuf.. and some were marvelling at Iggy's Christmas gift that he got from Jem: a keyboard vacuum. He was ecstatic, being the gadgets guy that he is. He was playing with it a lot and kept on vacuuming Pris punya laptop's keyboard.

Nik and I

Eunice and I

Kher Dee, Paul, me n Pris

My too-full-and-sang-off-key carollers

Me, Kevin n Nik stoning away


MicHieBuN said...

so nice ehhhhhhhh the xmas dinner....and the presents.... tenks for making me jelesssssssssssssssss.....