Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Amy and I were at my place last night, talking, and trying to chase away the Monday blues. We were talking and talking animatedly when suddenly at around 11pm, I received an sms. Absentmindedly, I grabbed my phone and continued talking. As I was talking to Amy, I looked down at my phone, then my eyes widen with shock, and I said, "Amy it's Eugene! He's coming over in like 40 mins!", abruptly ending our previously very syok discussion about.. hmm.. I cant remember now. So funny lah. The first thing we did was reflex.. we immediately touched our hair (so bimbo) and started exclaiming, "Oh no! I havent mandi, I havent wash my hair. How ah? How ah?". We started to panic, and made a quick decision on the spot. "Ok, here's the plan. Go meet at your place la, my place is an absolute mess. We faster go there and mandi now!", yours truly with her brilliant mind said to Amy. I packed my essentials in a rush and we were out of my door in like 3 minutes.

We ran all the way back from B2 to B Tower. Quickly mandi and all that. I mean, we havent seen him in more than a year, takkan la wanna look disheveled right? =b

Then Eugene came at around midnight, and the first thing he said as he stepped into the house was, "Chey.. U guys didnt change pun". Then I was like, "What do u mean 'chey?' Shouldnt you be 'Hi! I havent seen u guys in a long while, and I miss you guys a lot'?" *indignant* "That's so gay la. Ya what.. I thought u guys will be putting make up and all that since Eugene Tho is coming. Haha". Yeah, Auckland taught him to be more perasan. Anyway, he got us Tim Tam, so all was forgiven.

We talked and talked, and laughed (one point in time he laughed until rolled on the floor) and debated about suing tobacco and pork industries (seriously it was too early in the morning to talk about that), go drink Milo, eat dim sum, eat Tim Tam, talk some more about the old times, talk about what happened in the past one year.. until 4.30am like that. He shoot me a lot, mostly because I didnt keep in touch. (I always kena from people because of this)

I cannot even begin to say/describe how nice it was to talk to him again. Not that we were particularly close back when he was still in IMU, but still, we had our own fair share of good memories, however scant. I remember one of the nicest thing he said to me before (that was back when I was in Sem 2); he told me "It's nice to have you in the library, because talking to you keeps me destressed". It was just before their finals that time, the time when everyone was in the library. He didnt send me to the airport that time when I went back for semester break like the rest of the seniors, so, we never really said our goodbyes. So, last night's goodbye was long due, and I, as always, got emotional. He hugged me, and said "All the best in everything, and take care of yourself in Scotland. Dont let overseas change you for the worse." Standing outside the door, he got into the elder brother mode, and said to Amelia and I both, "Go marry a handsome guy.. (I piped in and said 'a rich guy too').. Yeah, a handsome, rich guy; who's nice and kind to you, and the one that lets you bully him. And dont forget to invite me to your wedding" He smiled, said goodbye and then he left. Amy closed the door behind her, and I was still standing there, frozen where I was. Amelia looked at me, and I looked at her, she said, "Daphne, I cant do these goodbyes anymore", we hugged each other, and we cried. I cried and cried, and the thought of not knowing when will we see each other after I leave IMU was so sad. Ok, not was so sad. IS so sad.

Oh ya, we took pictures too before we ended the night/morning. Memang dasar CSS guy at heart. Ever so vain and wanna look good for the camera.

Sometimes you dont know what you miss until it's gone. You think you have so much time to spend with each other, that you tend to take people around you for granted. Today, I'll try not to take any of these people here for granted.

Pimp wannabe

This was Eugene's idea.. I cant keep the mafia face tho.


Anonymous said...

some bridges will never be burnt.It's hard to describe how I feel seeing those photos.
Amy & Dap. I know it's always hard being the one left behind, because places and situations will always remind you of the past. But at least you guys still have that to keep. love u guys


Dap said...

It's a new experience, me still wallowing in the past, cos I normally burn bridges, and close previous chapters of my life. I dont really keep in touch, u and I know how much I suck at it. It's been over a year, and I thought I have moved on. But I guess it's true, some bridges will never be burnt. I still miss you guys. So weird hoh? U would think that the feelings would fade away but I've been waiting, and it's just not happening. Oh well. =) Not that I'm complainin

p/s. I saw you Dundee guys eating ice cream video on youtube =)