Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dear diary,

My day started at 9.20am. I walked to the bathroom like a zombie, and yawned sleepily like I always do, and contemplating whether or not I should skip class today and study at home. Then wham, suddenly it hit me. I was supposed to meet up my convo mag committee at the atrium at 9.30am and I haven’t even washed my face or brushed my teeth. I panicked, and sent out smses to my co-editor and secretary, saying that I will be late. I moved as fast as I can, and managed to finish my normally 1-hr morning routine in just 20 minutes. *Clap clap* I took my shower, thank you very much. My phone was ringing incessantly as I rushed out of my house.

Thank goodness the rest of the day went on okay enough. Of all the days to oversleep. I’ve been waking up at 7am for the past 2 weeks, today is the one only exception. Oh well. I managed to reach uni by 9.50am. Paise la of course, so late.

Well now, since we’re talking about convo mag. I think it’s going fine. We are about 80% finished with gathering resources and articles, then the rest of the work will go to the layout n graphics design people; Min Tien, Wei Meng and Fionna and the editing team; Esther and I. Our convo mag work is currently (unofficially) put on hold to make way for our antitumor effect of drugs on cell proliferation project due next Friday, and of course, for the pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism exam the following Monday. We’re trying to compile everything by the end of February and then send it off for publishing. Or worst case scenario, the layout people (who’s going to bear the brunt ot the work) will finish it off after our final EOS in March, within the 2 months before we leave for Glasgow. Of course, I hope we wont need to take that much time. My only worry now is how it is going to be like, our finished work. U pun tahu I am a perpetual worry-wart. I sure hope we wont disappoint the other 90 people in my batch with the end result. RM14K, after all, is an expensive mistake to make.

Sneak peek at our editorial board pictures. Di reckoned I should keep them under wraps until after the convomag is published, but it’s just pictures what hoh. Hehe. Besides, I love pictures.

So.. ta-dah!

The 2 Coolest People in P105; Khai Yong n Fionna