Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Listening to: Makita Kang Muli - Sugarfree

Updating blog because sis was complaining that I dont blog often enough, but who was observant enough to notice that yes, I cut my hair.

My batch organisez New Year Fest yesterday at IMU's atrium to raise funds for our convo mag. Again, I am left amazed to see how united, efficient and hard working my batch is.

We had 13 stalls altogether, each selling a creative array of food. We had butterscotch waffles, caramel pudding, sushi, yakisoba, lok-lok (Paik Ling's group did a great job with the peanut sauce), yummy muffins and brownies, apple crumble ala mode, fried meehoon, fried eice, potato salad, jumbo hotdogs with free flow of topping, and a variety of Chinese desserts/tong sui. Yours truly with the help of her merry band of apple peelers and cornflakes crushers; Darren, Di, Tam Ming, Sue Li and Su May, baked the apple crumbles. We sold each slice with 2 scoops of vanilla/chocolate ice cream for RM3.50 each. We were the first one to sold out, all gone within an hour. Ngek ngek. I was feeling warm inside getting all the compliments from batchmates and strangers alike, who, unlike the CSS gooses, have no obligations to lie to me, saying it's nice just to jaga my hati. To menambahkan lagi my ego, some of the CSS boys came a bit later and were disappointed when they found out that the apple crumbles were already gone. For someone who previously has nothing to boast about in terms of baking skills, I have to say I did very well, if I may say so myself. LOL!
My highlight of the day though, was getting my batchmates to inai my hands. At the end of the food fair, most of us were playing around with tubes of inai. After a while of feigning aloofness and no interest, the boys started to join too. It was like P105 opened our own beauty parlour.

P105 girls playing with inai

My hand

Me, Woon Chin n Di.. So cute!

Posers United. Thats y we're housemates. =b