Saturday, January 13, 2007

Listening to: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer

You know what? I just realised that I've been getting free meals for the last 24 hours! How cool is that? LOL. I was over at Nikki's new place yesterday to help her clean the mess the previous owners left. After all the cleaning, which was minimal by the way, we went to Sri Petaling for dinner. And I finally got to eat the delicious pork ball noodles from Gemilang! The stall was closed the last few times I went there, so I guess it was my lucky night. Oh.. Nik paid for the dinner. Jem got us 3 slices of Secret Recipe cheesecakes, which we ate for supper at midnight. =b

Then.. My food adventure continues. The Nurse and I went to meet up with Tiki for lunch in Bukit Bintang. Went to Kim Gary's, which really is the Nurse's favourite eating place, no matter how much she denies it. I tried this Mark Six Curry lunch set or something, which wasnt agreeable at all with my sore throat. It was quite spicy and I could feel my throat burning. Which is why by the time I got home, I kinda lost my voice, and been having dry cough this evening. Sheesh.. But anyway, it was nice seeing Tiki again; exchanging family news la, this la that la. Didnt see him for a really long time, and wont be seeing him again for a really long time now that he's leaving to the States again. Sigh... Sometimes I wonder if all the Bintulu people could ever meet up again.. u noe, just spend one solid evening, just hanging out, and talk. Now everyone's all over, it just aint the same anymore. Shing.. Times like these, I wish I'm back in secondary school, where we can see each other every day, or every weekend. That'd be SO nice.

Then... we went to Sri Petaling again for dinner. This time we ate bak kut teh. *grin* The weather was cold, so what better thing to eat right? The boys were helping Nik move her furniture the whole noon, so Nik paid for dinner again. She's such a dear.

The 2 CSS posers

After that we went back to Nik's, where the boys (kesian.. like they no name like that) watched stand-up comedy, and I ended up reading Nik's gorgeous Shakespeare book. The book was so cool, and the words were in the old English spellings. Like 'oracle' was spelled as "orakell" and 'feigned' was spelled as "fayned". It was hard enough reading the archaic sentences, with the ancient spellings as well, it required much concentration trying to understand what they were saying. But it's so nice. At RM50, it really is a steal. I was in the middle of reading "The Winter's Tale" which I never read before. So must continue reading.

Now, on to studies stuff. The past week has been a blur of pharmacokinetics lectures. I kinda like it, if only it wasnt too hard. The whole point of this module is to teach us how to determine the right drug dosage regimen. Some drugs have narrow therapeutic window, which means that u can easily get toxicity if the dose that u give is terlebih sikit. So, our job is to monitor the drug concentration in the body, count how fast it is excreted and all that. And having said that, I wish it really sounds as easy as that. Integration, exponentials, and logs are never my forte. There are so many mathematical equations involved, and it's kinda frustrating trying to count the thingies.

CNS will be starting next week, which of course, is going to be the toughest system to study. I have my cancer project due in a few weeks time. It really is about time I pull my socks and put on my thinking cap.