Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sunday night:

The clock almost struck midnight. I was still at my table, doing one of the pharmacokinetics case example, when suddenly, my phone rang, piercing the silence of the night with its shrill melody. I jolted, surprised by the sudden noise. It was a miss call. And soon after a text message from an unknown number that said, "So r u cool whiddit? Miz call me again if u r." I was utterly confused, and asked "Who's this?", to which the person replied, "It's Eugene. Did u get my earlier msg?" At that moment, my heart started racing, and I was thinking, could it be that Eugene? "Eugene Tho? No, I didnt get your earlier msg". But then the person said, "No, it's Ben's friend, Eugene. May I borrow your.... yadda yadda yadda"

Rerupanya, it was my junior from P106, Eugene. Ben's friend from INTEC. Nevertheless, whatever spell that my notes had before that to keep me captivated, it was broken, for from that moment on, I was in one of my nostalgic modes, and I was thinking of the other Eugene, my senior from the infamous M203 batch that I havent seen in more than a year.

That was Sunday. Fast forward to today, Thursday afternoon. Di and I were in AmCorp Mall, we just had lunch with Darren and we were browsing through Cantonese shows in Speedy Video, when suddenly, my phone rang, with another unknown number showing up on the my screen. I answered with a polite hello, and was greeted with an unfamiliar voice saying, "Hi Daphne. It's Eugene, from Jeremy's batch, do you remember me?" A mighty long sentence that was, and at first I didnt get what he was saying. For the tiniest fraction of a second, I thought it was said junior Eugene, calling to return me my external HD. Then only it registered to me that he said from Jeremy's batch, as in Jeremy Robert. And I was like "Eugene Tho?!", and he said, "Yes!" And then mula la I become hysterical/ecstatic there at that video shop. "Ohmigosh, you're back?! I was just thinking about you the other day! So kebetulan." He told me he was already in IMU, like wanted to surprise us la like that, see us before he leaves again for NZ next Tuesday. Oh well, I wasnt in IMU, and Amy pulak had a workshop then. The 2 of us will be meeting him before he leaves, God willing. Omigosh. Amy and I are like so excited now cos it's been so long! It's nice to see a familiar face, especially now when everything is so hectic. It's tiring to become the one who cares for. I miss being taken care of!

Sigh.. There are a lot less familiar faces left in IMU now. Juniors keep on coming in, and the old ones that I know for so long are almost all gone. It's not nice being left behind with all the memories. You see the familiar library cubicles, the familiar cafeteria, and all you could think of are the persons who once spent considerable amount of time here with you before. Whereas for those who left, they'll be seeing new faces, and spend time at new places. There's not much reminder of what was. So, maybe I'm kinda glad that soon, I'll be the one leaving this place. Though, leaving isnt necessary that much easier than being left behind. I know I'll miss my second family here.


Amy said...

SIGGHHH you goose...

IMU will definitely be so much emptier for me when you leave. Sob sob..

*tries hard NOT to think about it*

I know what you mean.