Friday, January 19, 2007

Tender Rhapsody

Tender Rhapsody

Days went by with haste, but my mind is still in a daze,
Still reeling from the newfound knowledge I wish not face.
Dreams provide no escape; you they wouldn't forsake,
It's my heart again, refusing to give up the chase.

Let me begin my story then, let me tell them of you,
Else I continue to be plagued by the blue.
Let's go back to when it first started, let me tell it true,
Back to the time when I first loved you.

Children we were then, in our story of long ago,
You from a distance I have always adored,
Doing just that I was content, and dare not hope for more,
Little did I know what God had in store.

I thought Christmas will be the same that one year,
Instead it gave me one memory that I'll always hold dear.
"With warmth, peace and love", that card from you was signed,
Left me reeling with delight, your words imprinted on my mind.

Inseparable we were since then, God's gifts to each other,
Each passing day brought us more love than ever,
You were everything I ever wished for, my knight in shining armour,
We were in our own world, untouched by the clamour.

You were my best friend, who guarded the secrets of my heart.
You knew my dreams and thoughts even when we’re apart.
You cared for me like I’m the most precious thing.
You loved me despite my shortcomings.

I remember the rich tapestry of memories we share;
Of M&M’s and CYS and late night chats,
Of visits to the cool mountains and countryside we had,
And finally that ring, which signified it wasn’t just a fling.

But every clear sky has its fair share of storms,
Like 2804 which has a meaning of its own,
And another one in between, which now remember I don’t,
Or the 1104 that finally sees us alone.

That final time, grieve for you, weep for the loss of you, I never did
Too much pain, memories were all I had I left to keep,
So I pushed you and all that we were to the back of my mind,
Until now, when finally the ghosts of the past has come to find.

So then, with these words, you, my first love, I hope to honour,
You, who for years, had consumed my thoughts at every hour,
Now that it’s over, this I want you to know,
That you’ll remain in my heart, wherever you will go.

- Composed in the inner sanctum of Daphne Maie, 180107. -

"By heaven, I do love, and it hath taught me to rhyme and be melancholy." - Love's Labour Lost by William Shakespeare.


Darren said...

not bad not bad... i cant understand a single thing... is it about a story of u and a girl?? I have no comments then...

Daphie said...

Haha. No lah, about me n a boy la doink. Me and a girl all. LOL.