Thursday, February 08, 2007

Listening to: Jesus Christ by Brand New

I can tell you one sure fire way of gaining pounds: hang out at B-1*-4. Dont know whether I mentioned this before, but CSS has got a new hanging out place; Priscilla's house a.k.a. The Oriental House/ Priscilla's okiya. That girl's a real catch. She's the most domestic of all the CSS girls; she cooks and CLEANS. We just had a big homecooked dinner; courtesy of Pris, Amy and yours truly, the chicken chopper. We had soy sauce fish (i love tis particular dish, reminds me of my dad), five spice chicken with potatoes, mixed vege, choy yin with oyster sauce, steamed minced meat n egg, and tom yum soup. We've been having a lot of cook outs; so fun!

Anyway, my sister, the doctor-to-be, is currently back in Bintulu for sem break. I'm so jealous, I wish I can be at home with all of them too. She spoils me like crazy, eventhough I'm the older one, she bought me lots of these cute little trinkets from Jogja, and Indonesian CD's and movies. So syok! I cant wait to go there, my family will be visiting her in May before the Gawai festival, and before I leave for Strathclyde. Her university is so pretty and huge. And they get cadavers. And nice cheap food. And lotsa garden in the uni with old trees. Friendly locals. So quaint! I cant wait!

A senior from P103, Mark came to give us a talk today, sharing his experiences in Strathclyde about his current pupilage training. The P103 batch just graduated last July and all of them now doing their pupilage. For those not familiar, after graduation, pharmacists will have to go through a year of pupilage training, or internship, if you like, before we can get a licence and be registered in the board. And then, new regulations state require us to serve the government for another 3 years, you know lah, compulsory service stuff. There were generally a lot of cringes and worried faces during the talk today at the mention of compulsory service. More cringes and sighs of dissatisfaction when Mark mentioned the possibility of being sent to, and I quote "somewhere ulu.. up river.. Sungai Rajang or Sarawak". Ok, maybe he didnt say exactly that, but he did say all those words mentioned. And I was like inwardly muttering to myself "SHEESH! What was that supposed to mean?" *offended* Sheesh. City kids. *Rolls eyes* I shall stop here before I get more worked up.

Ok. Change of topic. Next week we'll be starting our hospital attachment. I got posted to KL General Hospital, along with the other half of my batch. The other half got posted to Tunku Ja'afar in Seremban, which is kinda like IMU's teaching hospital. Some who got Seremban got a bit envious cos we get to go to a different hospital. Ngek ngek. Either ways I dont mind. It's just that, it'll sure be good to be able to go Seremban and meet the 4th year seniors. I'm quite excited about the upcoming attachment. It's going to be my first clinical experience, and I'm looking forward to it because currently, I feel like I'm a bit inclined to be a clinical pharmacist. So I'm excited to know how it's going to be. Other career pathways (yeseh.. pathway all) include

Industrial job
Where u deal with drugs formulation, manufacturing, and all that. I think lab work sounds boring.

Obviously, u own ur own business. I dont think I can do this cos I dont think I have any business instinct. Bet my mum would be the first one to apply should I be needing a manager though. Or of course, you could work in someone's pharmacy. Whatever. Either ways, I'm currently not interested.

Or you can lecture. Yeesh.. I cant do this either.

Pharmaceutical bureau?
I dont know where to fit this in. A job here involves paperwork, and having to be intimate with Malaysian laws involving drugs.. also have to deal with manufacture and licensing stuff. Not really my cup of tea either.

Which leaves me with the option of going clinical, where I serve in hospitals or pusat kesihatan. Not that I'm choosing it because it's the only feasible option left. It's just that, I think it's nice to be able to really apply whatever I've learned at the end of my 3.5years course. Maybe it's because I've been watching to much hospital dramas too. (Think Grey's Anatomy and House MD)

Thinking back to the aforementioned posting stuff. I really wouldnt mind being posted to rural places.. in Sarawak and Sabah. I think it'll be silly if the powers that be decide to throw me to rural places in Kelantan, Terengganu, when I, as a native, could probably serve them better in rural Sarawak. I mean, sure, everyone would want to work in the city right, where it's nice and exciting and comfortable, but I think there's a lot to be learned too, living in a place and I quote again, "where you have to travel up the river use sampan one". It'll be a good humbling experience for me, just what I need I guess. It's good to think about how others live and fortunate we are.

Batang Mukah, here I come!! ( --> Simply say. ) Muahaha. It'll be so fun! Like an adventure what, no ka?

At the end of the day, these are just mere thoughts lah, about the future. Before all that, I would have to go through the remaining semesters. Still, it's fun to dream about buying PS3 with my first paycheck. Haha!

p/s: Actually, (setting things straight), that Mark guy was a great speaker la, he's funny and gave us lots of insight, and tells us things that we can relate to, like DOTA for the guys. Just that his Sarawak comments were menggeramkan.

pp/s: My friend just sent me an sms that said,

"Ah she called me a dear, such sweet word to a gentleman's ear. Come what may I no longer fear, coz Lady Daphne called me dear."

So sweet. =)

ppp/s: Dad, Mom, sorry. I didnt do good enough for Biopharmacy test last Monday. Will make up for it in the mood disorder test next Monday. =(

pppp/s: Clubs here are SO seedy and dodgy. A friend of mine went yesterday for the first time, and there was this one random guy who rubbed his genitals against her. Scandalous.

ppppp/s: OOH! I forgot to tell, I read this awesome book yesterday, "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. I borrowed it from the library, and I thought it was a lighthearted story about elementary school kids. Just what I need to destress, I thought, a kiddie story. I didnt really read the blurb at the back see. So, I got a nice surprise when I read on (it was one of those books that you cant put down.) and found that it was a sweet love story about... jeng jeng jeng.. this angelic/hot looking vampire high school guy who fell in love with this human girl. SOOO ROMANTIC! Sigh. See? Books are dangerous. They make u wish u that u too, will find a guy who's insanely in love with you, and you him. When you dont, you get disillusioned. Whatever. The point is, that novel's good. Not bad for a debut.

pppppp/s: I just got another sms, from the same friend and it says,

"She didnt reply, who could love one as I? Muka macam kambing gurun Sahara, hey, I was joking la."

Haha. I didnt reply him right away, and I guess he thought I misconstrued his prior message. Going off now to reply mails and messages. =)