Thursday, March 29, 2007

Eew.. I'm so geli right now.
Someone just freaking hit on me in Friendster. Guy in his thirties some more. Some more ah, the message started with a "Hi, dear". I'm like, what the heck?! Only close friends and affectionate mommas call me with that term of endearment. I almost fell of the chair. *Rolls eyes* Scare me only. It's not just a random "Hi, can we be friends" message. It was a mighty long mail of him introducing himself to me; how many siblings la, how many married dy, tell me abt his mum who passed away la, told me about his qualifications and current occupation la. Macam macam wei. And.. and.. he was like, "I'm single and looking for any appropriate lady to be with hehehehehe... Funny right when an oil man when National Oil and Gas company does not have any girlfriend as per now hehehehee....... " And it went on and on and on. *Rolls eyes*
Even if it's a prank from someone, it's not funny. Geli ah.
Anyway.. Exam's last paper was today, and wow, Sem 5 IS tough. The first two days of exams we had Biopharmacy IV (Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism) and Drugs & Disease II (CNS & Endocrine); no one came out of the hall smiling. Everyone just looked dazed and totally stoned, especially at the end of the first paper. Almost shattered, if u wish to be dramatic. There were worried faces, even among the alpha students.
I managed to sell off my fridge and washing machine, praise the Lord. Study table and fan anyone? LOL.
Yay.. I'm finally free(-er) now. Bring out the booze (we always end up drinking coke), bring out the pizza, bring out the anime, bring out d dvd.. yahoo games. Drool.