Thursday, March 22, 2007

If I roll my eyes any more tonight, I bet soon I'll be able to see the my little brain. My eyes will just totally be inversed in their sockets.

I met a most pompous guy today who thinks he's all that. Well, maybe I'm judging a book by its cover, but I cant help but gag and roll my eyes whenever he talks.

Gag gag gag gag!

Well, he wasnt bad at first when I talked to him, but then after I returned to my room to study, I realised in retrospect that he was kinda leering at us during the entire conversation. Not that I initiated the conversation in the first place, Amy and I were talking to NC in his room, when the guy came in and started to join the conversation. Cakap cena so rude lagi tu. He gave us furtive sideway glances as the three of us talked, which I totally noticed. I dunno how to explain it, he just gives off this scandalous vibes.

Ok, that wasnt so bad. Amy and I returned to the study table, as aforementioned. Then a few minutes later, I suddenly found him entering the room as well, asking and talking about insipid stuff, like lab coats. When he finally left the room, our eyes were rolling and rolling and rolling.

One of the most distasteful thing that he said tonight was, "Oh.. That's not the sexiest part of my body." When he said that, I was at the corner of the living room, about to give my sis a call, while he was at the dining table with NC and Alicia. When I heard him say that, I left the room and rolled my eyes at him. Maybe he's dense as well as extremely perasan, that he didnt notice the petulance on my part. Maybe he didnt get it that I found him to be.. hmm.. quite unagreeable.

Gag gag gag gag gag.

Ok, I know I'm being quite mean today, but ya ba. He so perasan. Think his body hot so lawa is it? At least Sebastian is loveable kind of perasan.

Hmm.. Maybe I'm just having a piss day. Today got o lang buy my only 2 year old fridge with more than 50% discount. Sheesh. I gave him so much discount ba, give him face dy then he shud give me face also right. Ni tak. He had the cheek to imply that I'm being unreasonable and unfair when I wont budge from the RM270 for the washing machine. I bought it for RM600+ ok?! Sucker. Wanna buy cheap lagi go find 3rd 4th hand la. Some more make a mess all over my floor. Ahh, geram!! Think I got nothing better to do than to clean up after you is it. Pindah fridge also kotor rumah orang.