Friday, March 23, 2007

It's picture time!!!

Hehe. I went for my last ever CSS welcoming party today. After all, I happened to be in uni doing my online quizzes.

It was fun, and it was great seeing everyone gathered together again after so long. It was really good seeing the new faces that joined our Catholic community here too. I finally met Marie Toyat, Sheena's little sister, and wah.. When I saw her, a pang of nostalgia hit me. They dont really look that much alike, but still, certain features are the same and it felt like it was Sheena looking at me. At the end of the day, we concluded that yeah, Marie really reminded us quite a lot of Sheen. Dressing style pun sama.

It was a bit quiet because the Catholic lecturers were all away for Dr Tim Song's farewell party, so it was only us kids.

Sigh.. I'm gonna miss them. Today was probably the last time that it'll ever meet some of them, like the juniors and some of the local people, so it's a bit sad la. Desmond and I talked for a while, and he was like saying his goodbyes and glad to know us, since it could be the last time he'll see me.. maybe. He just got his USMLE result last Monday, and he's going to Jefferson! He'll be leaving after me, in early May. I'm glad I had that talk with him. I know now that I'm not the only one who's strangely not that stressed eventhough exams gonna start next Monday.

Today's "awww.. " moment:

Dap : Hey.. u guys going for IMU Ball? Thai Yiung looking for people to go with.
Nikki : Ha? What do you mean? Bukan you goin also ka?
Dap : No la. I cant, told you I'm flying back on the 12th right? The ball is on 21st what.
Paul : Serious? I thought you were going, that's why we are all going for the ball. None of my batchmates are going. Then if u're not going then we wont go lah.
Nikki : Yeah, I'm not going too.
Dap : .....

Cute juga this people.

Adeline, Dap and Diana

Jamie and I with the juniors. That guy is Dr Achike's son btw.

That's me with Adeline again, the current CSS VP2, and Iggy, the self proclaimed student researcher

Desmond and my pseudohousemates (the one in stripes is Alicia, the second nursing girl in CSS)

The Sem 4 boys, feels like my younger brothers (just because I'm in Sem 5, although they're actually the same age)



MicHieBuN said...

aHHHHHHHhHHh...i wasn't in any of the photos...this the 1st CSS thing wif FOOD that i haven;t atteneded b4....*gRrRrRr*...ehehehhe...u r SO gonna take many many photos wif me ;P

Sheena said...

ARGH! Why you put up pictures??! It just makes me miss everybody so much more! I can't wait to balik and see everybody now...

And my sister like me, meh? I was supposed to skype her the other day, 'cos she said she "finally met my CSS friends" and she has a "lot of interesting stories" to tell me. Hmm... should be fun to see what her first impressions of you guys were, haha.