Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This chapter of my life should probably be called "The Final Days", if I wish to be dramatic.
Today was my last day of lecture in IMU. I entered the lecture theatre today with every intention to really listen and pay attention during the 2 lectures, but as soon as Prof Yeoh opened her mouth and started to talk about the final bit of Drug Dependence, I found myself starting to stone as usual. Not that I didnt try to pay attention, mind you. My day in uni ended with me having a fairly long meeting with some of my convomag ppl. I thought that with all the articles already in hand, there wont be anything much left for me to do. That was before I realised that there were some more articles that have yet to submitted to me, which means that I still have articles to be edited. And this much I can tell you, editing is NOT an easy job. Remind me to kill Su Miin the next time I see him, for he had "gallantly" proposed for me to be the editor in the first place.... Umm.. you do know I'm kidding right?
Anyway, here I am, for the 3rd night this week, staying over at the "okiya" a.k.a. Priscilla's house. Here resides another 3 people; Alicia or affectionately known as Lisha, Amelia or a.k.a. Amy and Ngee Chang, who is the only man in the house. I feel like I've overstayed my welcome, because goodness knows how many nights I've been "berkampung" here since they moved in in January. I've been here so often that I have my own set of keys to their apartment. I wanted to go back just this evening, but the 3 kinda like detained me, so here I am, again. Not that I'm complaining; I have teman to study with.. and the house is always meriah with the jokers Lisha and Amy around.. and there's always plenty of food.
I'll be leaving KL for good on 12th April, after the end of my second hospital attachment. I got posted to HKL again, and I'll be there for a little over a week. Not exactly looking forward to it; hospitals are not as 'romantic' as they seem in House & Grey's. In actual fact, they really are gloomy places, almost like death and despair was in the air or something. And it's true, hospital food really do suck, no kidding. The last time I was there, I went to the staff cafeteria, and the food was awfully unhealthy. There are fried stuff everywhere.. and they're oily and fatty and hi salt and hi everything else. And the drinks are super sweet. I'm not normally a health conscious freak, but still, the thought of eating those food every single day... Surefire way of getting heart diseases. Gosh. How ironic that health care professionals who are supposed to advocate healthy lifestyle, are not exactly doing that themselves.
What else.. Oh, I miss the boys. Thank goodness they'll be back for Semester 4 this weekend.
Agh... I hate it when the words are not showing right on my blog. Ah whatever.. This back pain is making me a monster.


Michelle said...

DAP!!! i'm doing my attachment near glasgow now and everytime I go down there I think about how fun it'll be when you come over! Strathclyde uni is right smack in the middle of the city and Glasgow is a fantastic city!! Let the night-outs, the pajama parties and tribalism begin>!!!!!!!!

Daphie said...


Yeah.. As much as I keberatan leave the wonderful, wonderful ppl here, I'm (a bit)looking forward to my final year at a whole new place. Glad that I'll still have u guys there. Take care dear.. Love you lots.