Monday, April 09, 2007

Am I mad? Of course I'm mad. It's been one thing after another for the last one month.

Study break was backbreaking enough without having to deal with phone calls at odd hours by the property agent and prospective tenants. The exam week itself was numbing. I had to start packing my stuff right away after I finished exam. I had to move out the very next day. The next week started immediately with a hospital attachment, which was a very trying time (my supervising pharmacist pushed us to the limit). It was a week when I became withdrawn and extremely irritable, being so occupied with work. So just as I thought it's finally over today, today being the last day, I get phone calls reminding and nagging me about the convomag articles. Everyone seem to be breathing down my neck.

Just one day... one day without responsibilities, is it too much to ask?

Just when I thought I can finally sleep early, I found out that I still have to stay up to finish editing and compiling articles.

Insane... Insane.