Friday, April 27, 2007

A blog post just to let you know that I'm still alive. Actually, the real reason that compelled me to blog is the fact that I was just on Friendster and saw that almost everyone that I know out up the recent IMU Ball pictures. Not fair, I want in too! I was doing okay at home.. until I saw all the pictures.

HUGE SIGH!!!!!!!

I was doing pretty okay at home you know, despite missing all the hype and fun back in Bukit Jalil, okay until only about a moment ago that is. Oh well. Not to say that home is not fun. I love my newly redecorated bedroom, I love sleeping in, I love the greens and the sea, I love the traffic. It really is a nice town to be in, and I love bumming around. It's just that at home, sometimes it gets a tad too quiet. No shrieking, no mad laughing, no feet stomping, no dancing, no kaki counter strike, no kaki tengok wayang.

Anyway.. besides sleeping like a pig, I've been baking as well. I've made 4 batches of muffin already, of which one was a complete flop, the other was funny looking, the third finally resembling muffins.. and the latest batch perfect texture. Sheesh.. And they say muffin is a no-brainer. It's supposed to be the easiest to make. Ah well, no bother, I finally got the hang of it now. Besides, it was fun. The baking spree started anyway because there'll be this church jumble sale going on at my parish next Tuesday. My mum and I planning to sale muffins and cakes. And Lisha planning to come over from Brunei since she's on break.. so I'll maybe drag her along with me. Yay... Ada kawan!

By the way, I'm sorry about the way I left. I know it was abrupt, I'm really sorry. I didnt get to say this, I love you guys like anything. Thank you for everything. For your company, for your support, your love. Thank you for the farewell party, at my current fave restaurant at that. Grin. You the best.

Hmm... What else ha?

Ah! I forgot I left my game running. I'm playing Virtual Villagers 2. Gotta go check on ma villagers.. they might just die of starvation or something if I dont check on them. Teehee.. Have a great weekend.


Bryan said...

Don't mean to rub it in. But yaa, you shud have come. shud have seen the pics.

P.S don't think scandalous ere...