Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So Ben from MSL Travel called me today, and he told me that the weight limit for our bags to Glasgow is now 46kg, cause they managed to bincang bincang with British Airways.

The thing is, I dont know what do I do with the 46kg's. I'm not planning to bring any food or anything; it's only a year anyway. I can manage a year without belacan n dried mushrooms, kari ke, what ke. So what's the point of you going overseas if you're gonna eat the same food that you eat back home? So much for broadening your horizons. Haha. My mom used to mail me lots of those dry condiments when I was studying in Perth. Fu chok la.. anchovies la.. dried shitake la.. rempah kari la.. rempah rendang la.. masak hitam la. A lot ok! And u know what, I ended up chucking out most of the things that she sent me at the end of the year when I had to leave. No need lah. Going back to Malaysia to work anyway. I can eat all the Malaysian food that I want then. But having said that, of course I will miss miding belacan, daun rampu (cucumber leaves.. it's an Iban thing) and my kacang botol. I LOVE those stuff.

But, a year only bah!!

I havent started with the packing yet. You know lah, best procrastinator ever. Hmm.. Come to think of it, I can bring more shoes now that I have 46kg's....

Anyway, I'm going to Jogjakarta this Saturday to visit my sister. There are a lot of trinkets there I heard, I'm gonna have a fun time weh. Balik from there, we'll be heading straight away to our longhouse to celebrate Gawai. Lepas tu.. time for me to leave. Oh well, everyone will only be a phone call, sms n an email away. And my godbro, Osbert will be there too. There's my friend/distant cousin Andin as well.. and Stella maybe.. Michelle.. and Sheena. And Crispin will be just an ocean away (haha, as if it's that near). So, kiranya, I have family what there. Ok la that. And of course, I will have 100 over of my batchmates with me. So.. it wont be that bad ba rite? Besides, not like I'm not used to being far away from home. *convincing myself*

Dont. Want. To. Pack!


cYbeR FiSh said...

daph,really 46kgs kah?hw come i never receive any calls from msl de..ish...talkin bout face prob XD wah...46kgs 2much for u ah?hehe..donate me da rest la...the longer i pack,the more+heavier it bcomes...> <"

Anonymous said...

DAP!!!! hey u know what I may be doing something really really crazy, like going down to Glasgow 3 weeks before exam..during which I am going to meet YOU! heheh cause after exam i terus go back to Msia bah, so if i dont go down you'll only meet me like in september. Hey in September k, we go touring K???weekend touring also can


Daphie said...

Yi Jie,

Really oh. Ben called me in the first place cos he was looking for my father regarding my air tickets, so he told me straight loh. He said for now it's 46kgs from Singapore to Glasgow. They still trying to bincang abt KL-Spore, so that we dun have to pay for excess baggage. He said something abt we're allowed to bring 2 pieces of baggage, each should not exceed 23kg. He'll tell Fionna should there be any changes. Can ask MSL for more info gua. Hihi. My mom nagging me lah, I havent start packing dis. Dunno what to bring also, so lazy to think about it. Huahaha. Im not going for convo this wkd, but I'll see u on the 5th dear. Spend quality time with ur family ya, dont make ur mum angry again. Hahaha.

Daffy Duck

Daphie said...

Omigosh, and u noe what, so funny lah. "Mr Chin" ahem ahem.. actually told his housemates to bring condoms just in case....

When Darren told me, I ketawa until almost pengsan.

Daphie said...

Hey Mich!

Gila la u dis. Werent u the one who have been complaining abt how busy u are until cannot breathe? Huahahaha. I cant wait to see u! Then everyone in Bukit Jalil will be jealous cos I'll be hanging out with the Goose. Bufff!!! Eunice wanna go Rome, I've been there, but prolly could go with her also. Some of my batchmates from CF wanna go there too, so maybe teman them. Ya ba, we go touring ok?! Eh, u want anything from home ah? And.. and... Jamie is attached!! So cute kan?! ;b See ya babe. Love you.