Thursday, May 03, 2007

This was meant to be a happy post.. but I just got word that visa application day is next Thursday. I have to go back to KL for a while to apply for my visa.. which means that.. it really is happening. I am leaving home. Cold dread grips my heart.

Aih.. Sucks isnt it, having to adjust to an unfamiliar place all over again. I hate changes.

Anyway.. looking at the happy happy side (of the post), the past few days have been bliss. I was helping mum out, and we made at least 140 muffins for the jumble sale. I almost die-ded. We baked from 6am to 8pm on the day before the sale. Craziness. Terribly back-breaking, but ironically loved every minute of it. I made chocolate chip muffins (the kids lovee them), apple raisin muffins (my personal fave), and banana nut muffins (I dont like banana... the orang tua loves them though). So I was thinking, maybe I could open up a bakery or a cafe one day huh. Not that I'm that good or anything, it's just that.. well, one can still dream right?

I went to Father Dominic's (OFM I think) 15th anniversary dinner today with my family, along with other 270 or so parishioners. It seems like I'm the only one in my age group who's back in Bintulu at the moment.. which was why I found myself seating with the aunties from church, discussing about recipes! Oh dear gosh.. It's weird. But no matter, turns out, them aunties gave amazing reviews about ma muffins.. which left me grinning from ear to ear at the end of the night. And the kids from church (i.e, the 13-17s) were also raving about them. Boost my ego eh.

Anyway.. guess what I got during the jumble sale that day? A dog!! Just for the record, I'm not normally into cute stuffs and all that, and all the stuffed toys that I have at home were gifts from other people. But, this, is an exception. Look soo cute I just had to buy it (with the pretext that I'm gonna give it someday to one of my young cousins). 10 bucks only at that, good buy huh? Anyway, since its in the picture, the frame on the left is from Nik, she gave it to me just before I left. I love it.

Here are the sucky pictures of my muffins that I took. I wish I'm a good photographer. Oh ya, Darren, for lying to me, I'm not gonna give u any in Scotland. Oh gosh.. I so geram with you! I can never tell when you lie, I'm so gullible. Geram!

And a random picture of me n brother during the dinner just now.

And oh my word, how can I forget?! Lisha came to visit me a few days ago. It was so good to see her again.. just that she had to go back so soon.
Ta, I feel nauseous. :/