Thursday, June 14, 2007

This is what I've been telling myself the whole week:

"I never gave up on the coffee, I never gave up on TV shows, so why should I start giving up on pharmacy now?"

It is a trying time, yet, I have to say, one of the most exciting phase of my MPharm studies. The loneliness that I expected to feel upon reaching Glasgow yet to surface, I'm doing okay, if I may say so myself. In fact, I have never felt this "in touch" with friends my whole life. My friends from high school and college been ringing me up since I came, people, that I havent seen in a while. There's also Sheena and Michelle, who, despite their coming exams, are already planning our holiday plans. I am so excited!

I am much blessed. Frankly, it amazes me as well, all these people, esp people from years ago who still keep in touch. You know lah me. It amazes me so much because you know how bad I am in keeping in touch.

That's just me being random. Another random thought is that, I thought I saw McDreamy today in the form of Dr. Alastair Florence, one of our FMT lecturer (Formulation, Manufacturing n Testing). Quite similar lah the features. Wavy hair that u wanna run ur hand through, the same thick eyebrows, the hint of shadow at the jaw. And no, I dont fancy the lecturer. It's just that, your mind tends to play tricks when you've been in the lecture theatre for 3 hours already in the afternoon, and when you're fighting so hard to stay awake.

I dreamed of babies being made of milk and butter last night. It was so weird! One moment they were there, the next day, they disappeared. I was looking and looking for the missing babies, when I saw a neighbour coming out of the house, discarding the milk carton. I knew then the babies sudah kena makan. Weird dream, I know. Overall, a normal day.


cYbeR FiSh said...

daph daph...interested in my counsellor kah?wehehe~jealous?

Daphie said...

Haha, he's your counsellor ha? Ha, so sleepy ba that day during his lecture. Then Di and I start to like look look at him, then we realised he's a bit cun. Haha. Chewing gum all the way lagi, like some rock star only with his long hair. Wakakakaka.